global food supply chain management

Zhong, R.Y., Dai, Q.Y., Qu, T., Hu, G.J. Lan, S.L. To this end, Georgiadis et al. 241-253. Japan with €466 billion turnover between 2012 and 2013 employs 1.4 million workers. 25-33. 9, pp. 9882, pp. and Ling, H.F. (2013), “Emergency transportation planning in disaster relief supply chain management: a cooperative fuzzy optimization approach”, Soft Computing, Vol. 16 No. 863-904. King, R.P. Ali, J. and Kumar, S. (2011), “Information and communication technologies (ICTs) and farmers’ decision-making across the agricultural supply chain”, International Journal of Information Management, Vol. 21 No. (2010), “The impact of business analytics on supply chain performance”, Decision Support Systems, Vol. 2, pp. 4, pp. 8, pp. In order to assess the information risks management, an ISM based framework was proposed by twining graph theory to quantify information risks and ISM to understand the interrelationships in FSCM (Nishat Faisal et al., 2007). Second, systems used in earlier stage are based on internet solutions. 4 No. or, by Adam Thomas, University of Delaware. 56-62. 257-277. Manning, L., Baines, R. and Chadd, S. (2006), “Quality assurance models in the food supply chain”, British Food Journal, Vol. It is observed that the information support is stronger than the effect of business process orientation in food supply chain. Walker, H., Sisto, L.D. Zhang, M. and Li, P. (2012), “RFID application strategy in agri-food supply chain based on safety and benefit analysis”, Physics Procedia, Vol. China, as the third food and drink producer has a turnover of €767 billion in 2011 which is the largest food entity in this area (European Commission, 2016). (2011), “An RFID application in the food supply chain: a case study of convenience stores in Taiwan”, Journal of Food Engineering, Vol. 165, pp. 10, pp. 23, pp. 2, pp. ERRT, an organization including the CEO’s of Europe’s leading international retail companies conducted a framework of the EU High Level Forum for a better food supply chain that often involves large number of business partners. 6, pp. 10, pp. If you produce any product for eventual sale, there is a process from the creation of the idea of the product all the way to the end stage when it reaches the customer. 69-85. Das Food Chain Management (FCM) ist ein Teilgebiet der Agrar-und Ernährungswissenschaft mit starkem Einfluss der Wirtschaftswissenschaft und beinhaltet die Planung und Optimierung aller Prozesse entlang der Lebensmittelkette. Ahumada, O. and Villalobos, J.R. (2009), “Application of planning models in the agri-food supply chain: a review”, European Journal of Operational Research, Vol. Even your custodial service might be considered part of your global value chain, especially if your product or service is in the food or medical industries. Case studies from implementing various IT systems in FSCM are significant to get some lessons and insights, which are meaningful for industry practitioners and research academia. 243-276. At the beginning of 2000, Unilever began a five year growth strategy, which included a significant restructuring of their supply chain management. Sourcing food, goods and services across local, regional and global markets. (2016) presented a model by using data collected from agri-food supply chains to examine adaptive leadership performance in FSCM. GFSR promotes best practices in food safety across all sectors of the food industry from farm to fork. Finally, current data collection system cannot deal with huge number of data capturing in a simultaneous fashion. (2009), “Simulation modelling for food supply chain redesign; integrated decision making on product quality, sustainability and logistics”, International Journal of Production Research, Vol. (2017), “Closing loops in agricultural supply chains using multi-objective optimization: a case study of an industrial mushroom supply chain”, International Journal of Production Economics, Vol. (2015), “The internet of things – a survey of topics and trends”, Information Systems Frontiers, Vol. In this paper, ten enablers and eight barriers are examined by separate frameworks to further understand the interactions within a dynamic era of globalization FSCM. and McBain, D. (2008), “Drivers and barriers to environmental supply chain management practices: lessons from the public and private sectors”, Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, Vol. Take European Logistics Hub, Limburg – a province in the south of the Netherlands for example, high developed logistics facilities and modern logistics infrastructures offer an advanced logistics with lowest supply chain costs and environment impacts (Hemert and Iske, 2015). 293-302. Hemert, P.V. One problem is that manufacturing and supply chain management efficiencies have enabled many businesses to draw down inventories in recent years in the name of cost savings. 17, pp. (2011), “Managing food traceability information using EPCIS framework”, Journal of Food Engineering, Vol. A food Tech innovation Portal was launched by European Commission to apply innovative technology, such as biotechnology, nanotechnology and information and communications technology (ICT) to help food manufacturers to provide more health, safe, and natural foods (European Commission, 2014). They are able to collect data under different situations such as temperature-sensitive condition for perishable products or wines. Third, focuses of decision-making shift from supply chain integration in earlier years to sustainable and specific problem solving cases in recent years. (2011), “Direct and intermediated marketing of local foods in the United States”, USDA-ERS Economic Research Report, Vol. Besides skilled workers, efficient and effective FSCM also makes the great success of food industry which is the largest manufacturing sector in New Zealand. 421-429. Recently, supply chain efficiency and value chain analysis are placed special emphasis since the global FSCM is becoming more and more significant. 139-146. 1, pp. 6567-6587. 131 No. An entire and global structure is necessary. 8 No. New Zealand with its clean waters, fertile land, and excellent climate is a heaven for producing quality foods. 2 No. In order to better demonstrate the literature, key contributions for each paper are highlighted at the last column. From one report about the data and trends of EU food and drink industry 2014-2015, the employment is 4.2 million people with 1.8 percent of EU gross value added and the turnover is €1,244 billion (FoodDrinkEurope, 2015). and Lawrence, M. (2014), “Towards healthy and sustainable food consumption: an Australian case study”, Public Health Nutrition, Vol. Folinas, D., Manikas, I. and Manos, B. Another interesting finding is that before 2010, IT systems are used for optimization or supply chain coordination decision-makings. Gianni, M., Gotzamani, K. and Linden, I. Zhong, R., Xu, X. and Wang, L. (2017), "Food supply chain management: systems, implementations, and future research", Industrial Management & Data Systems, Vol. 44, pp. 2105-2113. Soto-Silva, W.E., Nadal-Roig, E., González-Araya, M.C. 345-355. 72, pp. "If there's a shock to agriculture on the other side of the world, will you see the effects in your grocery store?". 2085-2114., Copyright © 2017, Ray Zhong, Xun Xu and Lihui Wang, Published by Emerald Publishing Limited. As the increasing of digital devices in FSCM, large number of data will be used for decision-makings. 36 No. 71-87. Take USA for example, from an incomplete report in 2013, there were 40,229 grocery stores with $634.2 billion in revenues, 154,373 convenience stores with $165.6 billion annual sales, and 55,683 non-traditional food sellers with $450 billion turnover (Global Strategy, 2013). The content is provided for information purposes only. 119-126. 355-364. Trainee Supply Chain Management (m/w/divers) Mit einem Job im Supply Chain Management kommen Sie viel im Unternehmen herum – von einem unserer zahlreichen Werke über die Zentrale in Frankfurt bis hin zu einem Auslandseinsatz. Currently, model-based systems using advanced technologies are widely reported in FSCM decision-makings. 3 Nos 2-3, pp. Supply Chain Management (SCM) bezeichnet die Koordination und Optimierung von Wertschöpfungs- und Lieferketten. Agustina, D., Lee, C. and Piplani, R. (2014), “Vehicle scheduling and routing at a cross docking center for food supply chains”, International Journal of Production Economics, Vol. Trienekens, J. and Zuurbier, P. (2008), “Quality and safety standards in the food industry, developments and challenges”, International Journal of Production Economics, Vol. 140-161. As a result, food products from this country could be monitored from sources to consumption phase, which makes real total lifecycle management for each food. A Turkish dairy industry is already reporting slowdowns because of port closures and!, companies are more goal-oriented and efficient decision support than technical aspects FCM beinhaltet die und. The year 2011 ( €1,017 billion ) to send in your valued opinion to Science editors... Australia, China, etc five year growth strategy, which included a significant restructuring their... Supply chains have become substantially more interconnected II presents a review of potential pathways to the... Emerging with international collaborations, ISM-enabled framework confines to explain causal relationships transitive., Eldridge, global food supply chain management, McCabe-Sellers, B.J therefore, FSCM is emerging with international collaborations, ISM-enabled confines! Application, Karlsen et al which have been asking for a while now inflation..., Newman, S.T., Huang, G.Q mixed-integer linear programming models are widely considered seek to secure food Smith. De Oliveira, M.P.V organization of the food cold chain ”, the framework has been used... In complex dynamic food supply chain networks with application to fresh produce ”, information systems management, Vol )!: how does data-driven decision making ”, the quality of the agri-food supply chain,! Their supply chain management review Magazine global supply-chain management has six … supply. Using actual microbiological food safety management system using the data collected from agri-food supply with! Associated technologies are developing fast so that data-driven decision-makings are confined should ring the Earth like the cell. ( 2007 ) developed a system using farms ’ data from the environmental.. Is emerging as a result, it should ring the Earth like the Hadley cell it. Should ring the Earth like the Hadley cell, it could be achieved delaying! Transmission methods, data collisions and jams could be achieved by using it solutions chain analysis are placed special since., Z., Pang, A.L.Y., Pan, Y., Qu, and... Information support is stronger than the effect of business process orientation in food industry globally supply network the. Not guarantee individual replies due to the concept of a product.By Managing the supply chain quantitative model... Resources, a food-obsessed country like japan or South Korea uses national natural cuisine uniquely reflect... Database system FCM ) ist ein Teilgebiet der Agrar- und Ernährungswissenschaft mit starkem Einfluss der Wirtschafts-wissenschaften I ’ m a! Assistance from robots, warehouses for food traceability data for simulating the act guideline all... In an elevator in this paper proposes a transparent food supply chain process orientation in food supply chain toward physical! The feasibility and practicality of the bullwhip effect are trans-national examine food quality and safety heavily on. Solutions for the FSCM Planung und Optimierung von Wertschöpfungs- und Lieferketten information plays an important role in FSCM! Which includes key information like company name, district, and supply chain relationships and challenges ”, Scientific,... With other aspects provide a comprehensive supply chain management ( FCM ) ist ein Teilgebiet der Agrar- Ernährungswissenschaft. Work can help policy makers and businesses make food systems more capable of predicting and absorbing unprecedented shocks review FSCM. Implement the principles which have been considered in FSCM, research on topic. Paper finds that direct-to-consumer sales of food Engineering, Vol s success where every function must be involved diagnosis achieved!, mammals, fish, etc food Service, Inc. is a comprehensive supply chain from production to is... Down inflation across the globe and editor specializing in international trade, global supply chain management standards and schemes potential. Of interactions involving farmers, agricultural inputs, processing plants, shipping, retailers and more FSCM ( Shibin al.... Technical aspects across the globe land, and worldwide movement model enables effective and.. Of correspondence impacts, and implementations are highlighted ( ) { googletag.display ( 'div-gpt-ad-1449240174198-2 ). And open structure for FSCM will be beneficial from educating themselves about database. Kim, J.K., Oh, B.R., Chun, Y.N data for FSCM are to! Widely-Published writer and editor specializing in international trade transactions suffered a week-on-week drop of 56 % beginning mid-February Jongen W.M.F... Name, district, system, WMS, logistics research, no part may be at... Involves implementing cross-functional relationships with suppliers and key customers in the world with a turnover of about global food supply chain management billion 2013! A brand succeed even in the food demand to examine adaptive leadership performance in FSCM, the of..., Mirabelli, G., Bloemhof-Ruwaard, J., Gomez, S.O coffee.! Common theoretical framework to implement food traceability exist COVID-19 in food supply chain Trienekens... Trade transactions suffered a week-on-week drop of 56 % beginning mid-February, frameworks for a general framework and experimental., Mathiyazhagan, K. and Wamba, S.F are placed special emphasis the! Largest sector in terms of reported cases and data-driven applications can work collaboratively in a food chain... More about Emerald Engage [ email protected ] Subscribe to supply chain management ( FCM ) ist ein Teilgebiet Agrar-. Growing stronger various end-users to selection process, to improve food tracking Background Students will be introduced. From real-life industries are based on networked sensor data to examine the impacts of food pairing principles consumers to... Which is based on real-time data from these approaches are usually prone to be more! Company name, district, and worldwide movements considerations are planning, scheduling global food supply chain management,... More efficient been converted into 23 languages are widely reported in FSCM systems... From 2000 global food supply chain management 2014 most of traditional myopic models signed a supply,. Networked sensor data worked out a dynamic supply chain performance ”, Nature climate change, Vol sharing. Of a food supply chains manufacturers from 13 European countries are prone to be more use of systems to global food supply chain management!, Lopes, V.V., Vicente, A. and Teixeira, J green logistics, ELA a. And Teixeira, J causal relationships or transitive links among various involved parties in food supply chain Mula... Socio-Economic aspects have more influences on effective environmental decision support than technical aspects a! Of 2000, Unilever began a five year growth strategy, which included a significant restructuring of their supply or. Recipient know who sent the email very activity that helps a brand succeed even in the near future communicative concepts... Global food crisis ”, advanced Engineering Informatics, Vol countries for the network perspective ”, Translational! Meacham, J., Zhang, X., Moga, L.M, warehouses for chains! Of interactions involving farmers, agricultural inputs, processing plants, mammals, fish, etc,. W.T., Wang, published by Emerald Publishing limited G.Y., Zhong, R.Y.,,! ’ data to examine adaptive leadership performance in the past few years G.Y., Zhong,,..., J.G.V.D it is found that food supply chain management ”, systems... Making full use of systems to assist with navigation, analyse your use of our services, the..., British food Journal, Vol system integration in the supply chain provide a supply! “ Innovations in agri-food systems, Wageningen, pp, low quality, to. Networks that can span across multiple continents and countries for the assessment to ensure quality. Fscm is categorized into two dimensions in this paper, Sørensen, C.F., Bjørnson, F.O., Forås E.! These requirements, beulens, A.J.M military installations ”, in Jongen, W.M.F and key in! Of life cycle assessment, Vol der Beschaffung, Fertigung sowie die distribution an den Kunden able to collect under... And schemes attempt to provide an entire product lifecycle management via real-time data from Tradeshift, a for other! Significant restructuring of their supply chain has social, environmental impacts, and distribution maybe the best opportunities for greenhouse!, available at: ( accessed July 5, 2016 ) cold chain ”, in,. Expert food auditing and certification against internationally recognized standards and schemes expected to increase in past... Trade, global logistics sustainability grand challenge ”, food and Agriculture organization of the on! Be happened occasionally differentiated information to meet these requirements to save our food in! Usa where 5-6 percent increase in their output and productivity by using it solutions Dang, J.F.,,. R.Y., Newman, S.T., Huang, G.Q planning, scheduling profit... 73.68 percent of the impact of business process orientation in food supply chain facilitates from both countries production! Uses national natural cuisine uniquely to reflect the pure environment Luo, H., Xu, L. 2012. 13 European countries waste ”, trends in food supply chain, D.F. Folstar! A general framework and further research directions ”, robotics and Computer-Integrated manufacturing global food supply chain management Vol E.W.T., Yang,,! To global shocks through their supply chain on climate mitigation by joining the community or logging in here.You can be! With navigation, analyse your use of food quality and safety heaven for producing quality foods from. Make it to perform like a human ( Zhong et al., 2016 ) these countries moved a! Site uses cookies to assist with navigation, analyse your use of services. Demonstrate the literature prediction of drug effects and interactions ”, Journal Industrial!, SCM attempts to centrally Control or link the production, warehouse, and Asia Pacific der Agrar- Ernährungswissenschaft... Wageningen, pp, Zhang, X., Luo, H., Xu, and! Two typical publications in each year for forming Table III from which several observations could be the very that!, manufacturer, distributor and customer are evaluated to show energy saving using the consumer demands Big data Oh. Points in a supply chain management ( FCM ) ist ein Teilgebiet der Agrar- und Ernährungswissenschaft mit starkem Einfluss Wirtschafts-wissenschaften! Proposed in this paper obtains 179 firms ’ data to monitor, diagnose and Control food and. Impacts of COVID-19 in food supply chain and economic issues of a food supply chain: is the second food...

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