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What is the Importance of Studying Macroeconomics? But excess of everything is bad. In a small group, encourage children to use language to direct the group in a song. How did the British come to Rule in India, Where there is a will there is a way essay, Welcome Speech on Teachers’ Day by Students, Tryst with Destiny - Speech on 15 August 1947 by Nehru. So what better than adopting writing itself as a profession? Music is there for hard as well as good times and there is no way one can stay aloof from the same. Through the daily practice of music, my depression was released and I gained confidence. What’s even more exciting is that most patients maintain the improvements they gained through music therapy, which shows that the brain is capable of repair. Music is in my blood and I firmly believe that it has great therapeutic ability. We can choose any kind of music that suits to our taste or situation. Each of these emits a different type of pleasant music that is very soothing to hear and pleasing for the ears as well. In my life, I realized that music is that one thing that can make you happy even if you are alone or in difficult situation because we can listen to it anytime and it does not matter if it is day or night. Music helps in maintaining body balance physically as well as mentally. Listening slow sound music gives us relief and peace a… In this school, we also focuses on using music as a medicine for those children who are going through these several problems like depression, obesity etc. It is a way of living for many people; they breathe and live music at every passing moment and needless to mention they can sacrifice anything for achieving the pinnacle of success. Reduce stress and anxiety: Listening to music can help you d ecrease stress level hormone called cortisol, which counteracts effects of chronic stress. A musical instrument can be played to distract your mind from the peer pressure of the daily lives and alternatively you can tune into a song depending on your choice or mood. In India and as well as in the world, mostly every religion has their own kind of music that represents their religion or culture. Music Theory for Beginners: Learn to Read Music - Shabby Chic Boho 19 October, 2020 at 08:08 Reply […] to play an instrument has a whole slew of benefits for both the body and brain. Though, it’s a mean to earn livelihood for many and a lot of money is getting minted through music industry, but this should not impact the quality of music. Somewhere in this busy world, music helps us in retaining our nervous system’s peace. The entire credit goes to the students who have constantly been an inspiration for all of us and the teachers who are equally passionate about training the students. Music plays an integral and essential role in our life. It helps in creating a feeling of joy in mind that helps in relaxation of nervous system. Music can relax the mind, energize the body, and even help people better manage pain. 6 Proven Benefits of Music Therapy. Today, we have branches at several places and happily a total of 5,000 students. Diseases like insomnia, depression, anxiety attacks, etc. Dear students it’s nothing but the topic called Music. Before I delve deeper into this topic, I first would like to ask what is music for you? Music would continue to remain one of the greatest forms of arts in years to come as various Indian societies worship music. It plays a very important role in the life of people who are living their life alone or live under a lot of pressure in any form. I have called upon this meeting to share an important piece of information with you all. In fact, it is a refreshing and refining distraction. Music in a way also helps in keeping the tradition alive. Music as a “way of living” Music as a mixture of art and industry: 21st century pop culture; Music events in your area. The good thing is that music is now travelling across borders and people are accepting each others’ culture and forms of music with great zeal. You must also be cautious that your love for music doesn’t cause any harm to others and yourself. Music complements one’s life and it has the capacity to energize people in their days of distress. According to me, the effect of music on every person is different from each other. These days we can see several music schools being inaugurated to teach this form of art to all the music lovers as much as possible. For example, it decreases anxiety, levels of cortisol, and increases immunoglobulin A. 4:37. }); Copyright White Planet Technologies Pvt. Music can influence heart rate and has even been shown to improve blood pressure levels. No matter what variations there are in the patterns of the different forms of music today, all of these have emotionally helped the individuals in all kinds of situations. The power of great music is such that it can make everyone dance to its tune. A Very Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen! Ltd. | 2017 All Rights Reserved. It helps our body in maintaining hormonal balance, relaxes us physically as well as mentally and keeps us happy. Music is one of the most precious gifts of God bestowed on mankind, through which people enjoy their leisure time and can alleviate their burdens of life. Either way, music improves our lives in different ways possible. Different regions and cultures have given birth to different forms of music such as Western English music, African and Arabian music, Indian music and many more. And to the least of my surp… When we listen to music, It helps us in releasing stress from our mind as well as from our body. Do you like or enjoy my videos? Music is very important for almost everyone as it helps people feel relaxed and rejuvenate their spirits. Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen and our Dear Students – I welcome you all to the 21st annual celebration of our music academy! Outline: Persuasive Speech: The Importance of Arts in Education. Music can have real positive effects on a person’s mind and soul. I, Kabir Ranjan your host for today evening, would like to thank you all for making to this annual celebration and always giving your cooperation in the growth and success of our academy. Frequent repetition of these phrases helps patients turn their sing-song speech into normal speech over time. Music in any form such as instrumental or vocal is enjoyed by everyone. window._taboola = window._taboola || []; They can tell each other what to play, deal out instruments and tell them how to play (e.g., “you play fast” or “you play loud”) and use commands like “start” and “stop.” Consider introducing members of the group with a “hello” song or leaving with a “goodbye” song. David Goldberg 77 views. It is way by which everyone is connected with each other in this hectic world. We have admitted many students who are suffering from these problems physically or mentally and in few classes we have seen positive results. Babies in the music group had stronger brain responses to the disruption in both music and speech rhythm in both the auditory and the prefrontal cortex, compared with babies in the control group. Some even prefer to express their emotions, reservations and opinions about various issues through music. However, here are some points that can summarize a few factors related to the importance of music in life: Also read: Importance of Love in our life. Believe it or not, but music also has the ability to save the lives of people. Regardless if it’s slow music that helps set a relaxing effect, any music can really help. It is way more than just listening or playing. The music such as hip hop or R&B can help you to get in the good mood again. The notion that music can influence your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors probably does … Listening to classical music has been shown to effectively treat insomnia in college students (Scott Christ, "20 surprising, science-backed health benefits of music," USA Today, December 17, 2013). Keeping this in mind we thought that on different occasions, you may be required to deliver a speech on music whether you are a teacher or a student. It’s a mean of recreation and expression, an art form that energizes the practitioners and listeners too; thus it is also a subject of pride for several societies. As Greek philosopher Plato has put it, ‘Music for the realization of soul’, makes it an essential part of education as well. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Your email address will not be published. Even today music helps many people to earn their livelihoods; thus music also has a social value attached to it. Music has the ability to enhance and enrich a person’s creativity. Benefits a. It has got a wonderful healing power owing to the melody that it carries along with it and this aid in the process of mending the morose mood of a person. It is a best solution to find peace for mind or body because of the busyness of our today’s lifestyle. What music does to our lives, cannot be put down in words in a complete way because words are too short to express the same. Physical Benefits: d. Music is instrumental in brain development because it uses both sides of your brain e. Early development teachers use music to improve the growth of a childs brain academically, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Music is equally valuable in every religion; Ghazals and Kawwallis are the Muslim forms of Music, Pop, Jazz, etc are enjoyed in Western culture, Gurubani is sacred to Sikhs and Hindus practice different forms of Raagas such as Bhairav, Yaman, etc. I am sure everyone, including myself must have experienced something like this at one given time or the other. So if any one of you has a keen interest in music then you must pursue it and hone your skills for you never know what future may have in store for you. Just like dance involves a physical movement in order to express one’s sense of joy or passionate feelings through various dance forms, such as break dance or ballet, music also likewise involves a movement of musical notes and harmony of sound which when combined produce the desired result and lifts one’s soul from the humdrum of the daily life. Music can have psychological benefits as well as intelligence or IQ effects among younger kids. Music is a melody or a vibe created by organizing of pitch, rhythm and sounds made by using musical instruments and sometimes singing. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-6070398767421094"; I am feeling very obliged in being a part of such a great school. Jillian Levy (2017) shares the six major health benefits of music therapy: Music therapy reduces anxiety and physical effects of stress; It improves healing; It can help manage Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease; Music therapy … People from across the globe go there every year to play music, sing and dance with each other. Isn’t it? It decreases fatigue I know music is close to our hearts and we cannot imagine our existence without it so much so that we are putting in all our efforts to spread the virus of music everywhere. It will be true to say that I cannot imagine my life without music. One day, my mom took me to a music school where I found my inner talent that is music. Scientists also know that listening to music can alter your breath rate, your heart rate, and your blood pressure, depending on the music’s intensity and tempo. People have great sentiments attached to music; thus it is of great significance to almost everyone. Here is a list of 10 benefits to listening to music: 1. It may also imply that sounds are so combined that it leaves a pleasant impression on our minds. People who suffer from depression can find comfort in listening to the singers, songs or bands. So let’s know a little more about music and what defines music. I was considered as a book worm by my entire family because of my nature and behaviour towards them. I am Arsha and this is my first day in this school because I am appointed as your music teacher. Music is a way for students to express themselves, and in a greater focus, the emotional benefits that it provides for them. Scientists have found that the emotions patients experience while listening to music have a healthy effect on blood vessel function. I, Kabir Ranjan your host for today evening, would like to thank you all for making to this annual celebration and always giving your cooperation in the growth and success of our academy. This makes sense, as music has the ability to lower feelings … Music is one of the most crucial elements of our life as without harmony and melody of music this very life of ours would become dull and monotonous. This is because it is believed that music has a direct connection own self and therefore, it helps an individual to relax and reflect upon the various facets of … The respect for music shouldn’t get lessened due to the personal greed of some people. Our company is going to open a music school in the town in association with the ABC Music School and we have decided to give music classes to the needy and talented people with absolutely no charges. This reminds of the fact that music indeed is necessary nowadays although quite unknowingly it has taken a significant position in the modern lives. Music therapy and its effects: another panacea for humankind; Musical expression: definition and the modern interpretation Music is quite similar to yoga. Just as a child feels safest and soundest in the mother’s lap, the patients too, have quite a similar feeling altogether when music plays. Music is usually seen to hold a sweeping influence over the life of many people and consists of different forms of expression. on Persuasive Speech – Benefits … So your feeling more comfortable and being happy all the time. So keep the convenience of others in your mind while indulging in your favourite activity, secondly stay safe, nurture your love for music and never let it die down. However, apart from the entertaining aspects, music also has a major role to play in several other ways in the lives of the people today. For instance, you can feel and hear music and it has the power to transport you to a different world altogether. Though more studies are needed to confirm the potential health benefits of music, some studies suggest that listening to music can have the following positive effects on health. 3. Some of these benefits are: easing pain, helping patients recover post-surgery, helping premature babies grow, improving your heart, enhancing blood vessel function and even aiding in exercise. But bringing music to hospital corridors is just a sideline for music therapists. However, it can be stated that music is the magical power that keeps the mankind intact still today. “If music be the food of love, play on.”  –William Shakespeare. As this is my first day as a music teacher, I would like to begin it by saying a few words on music. Music also helps develop child’s language skills, self-esteem, listening skills and the power of concentration. Some of us are used to of listening music during the study time, playing indoor or outdoor game and other moments.However, everyone wants to listen music in their spare time to get some enjoyment and relief their mind. There are various types of music which we can enjoy according to our need ad requirement. What Are The Benefits Of An Accountability Partner? The music industry makes a lot of money and is greatly flourishing. There are different forms of music – from classical to contemporary to western pop music, etc. Music is also a language as through this the artists are able to communicate their state of mind and stirs up the feelings of its listeners. In fact, the Tansen song at the court of Akbar weaned a great power so much so that it could bring a heavy downpour and kindle the flame. Then consider buying me a coffee:https://www.buymeacoffee.com/uQKkXCF6BThis Is Your Brain On Music - How Music Benefits … Research undertaken by a team of researchers in the 1990s showed that the exposure to music from early childhood onwards helps children to speak more clearly, develop a larger vocabulary, and strengthen social and emotional skills (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});