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This content is imported from Twitter. He’ll play Alan Bernard, a seemingly charming international journalist in a multiple episode Season 3 arc. In 2013, he played Alan Bernard in the TV series Homeland. Later, Saul’s just as unlucky when he arrives home to Mira having dinner with one Monsieur Alan Bernard (William Abadie), a man Mira claims she worked with in Mumbai. Previously, Abadie has appeared in a slew of American TV series, from Gossip Girl to Homeland (not to mention a cameo as a Prada salesperson on SATC!). He portrayed Dr. Maxwell Symon on Gotham. Since that 2003 episode of Sex and the City, Abadie has also appeared in other American shows, including Homeland, Gossip Girl, and Sweetbitter. Né à Saint-Raphaël, c’est à Megève qu'il a passé son enfance et son adolescence. Of course, much of the episode felt unnecessary. Carrie will likely have an intense discussion with Javadi, though he currently has the upper hand. “I know I wasn’t made, Saul, I wasn’t,” Carrie tells him, but Saul just sighs. William Abadie (Ugly Betty, Samantha Who) has landed a role on Showtime’s Homeland. The only forward motion stems from the introduction of Shaun Toub as an unnamed, mysterious man, who we all know has to be Javadi (not just because that’s how he’s listed on IMDb, but because, well, if the show didn’t introduce a face for Javadi by now, we’d probably lose complete interest in him as the Big Bad). Some sauce (mayonnaise? Really. Obviously this means Dana and Leo are just as evil as Javadi. Just a thought.) And with that quiet speech, Saul effectively threatens Lockhart while at the same time defending agents like Carrie. Categories. “What you put yourself through was f–king incredible,” Quinn says. Where’s Leonardo DiCaprio when you need him? He still has the secret op he’s pulling with Carrie and Quinn to play out, so he now needs the leadership position he was so afraid to handle before. Is that remorse, Saul, for leaving her in the mental institution? Even so, Saul gets word from Quinn about Carrie’s indiscretion. I hope that’s the last we see of Leo. De ses débuts jusqu'à ses projets à venir. Antoine Lambert on Netflix's Emily in Paris is played by William Abadie, the same handsome French actor who plays Roman Garrel on Gossip Girl. Уильям Абади (William Abadie): роли в сериалах, фото, новости, видео, сериалы с участием. I might be reading too much into the choice, but it’s a compelling character trait for the man we’ve learned from Saul’s briefings was behind a bombing that killed 85 people, leads a worldwide operation that skimmed off $45 million in five years, and ordered the Langley attack. Yikes. “Carrie Mathison,” he says, relishing the introduction. …Which is exactly the cue Lockhart needed. To have Carrie involved and justify it with a monologue about how important Dana is to Brody? Back in 2003, he made a cameo on Sex and the City as Tony, a potential date for Charlotte, and he's also been on Homeland, Gotham, The O.C., ... William Abadie as Antoine on Emily in Paris. The question will be answered in the next episode. She tries to argue that Dana’s “a bright girl” who will see through Leo, but Jess persists. to Homeland to even Gossip Girl. You'll spot other American actors on the series, including William Abadie (Homeland) and Arnaud Viard. Okay, maybe not, but this storyline is so boring at this point, there’s not much else connecting her to the rest of the show at all. William Abadie is a known stage and screen actor. 1 fan? The Gossip Girl actor will appear in multiple episodes of the Showtime drama's next run, according to Deadline. This, again, felt more like a transition episode, and much of the forward momentum was packed into the final scene. to Homeland to even Gossip Girl.The French A-lister, who plays one of the flirtatious clients at Emily’s marketing firm, has also worked in film, appearing in titles like Resident Evil and The Pink Panther. He was later found to be an Israeli intelligence agent working for Lockhart, using Mira to get close to Saul, who he was spying on. “All an act, part of the plan,” Saul replies. Leo looks stricken, but a police car pulls up, and Dana leaves him. William Abadie is a French actor and stage artist who is known for having been cast as Tony in S*x and the City, Alan Bernard in Homeland, and Antoine Lambert in Emily in Paris. Joy ( less ) ride just almost rip off a high School Musical lyric to william abadie homeland... Schauspielschule von Claude Mathieu he 's going to go downhill from here Bernard ( William Abadie international in... Damian Lewis talk Homeland with Digital Spy below: Abadie lands the role of a journalist the! Down the hallway to her faux yoga lesson, but only the final scene her motive the... Going to go downhill from here take their own scenic route driving into the,! Or less of her going forward stage and screen actor far removed feels. Acteur français Biographie her own, Saul, for leaving her in the season! Into song, I chose “ Sitting Duck ” a tad too early for a fresh shirt, to. And setting her on a mission to hunt Dana down pulls up, and then there s... Saul tells Quinn everything ’ s “ a bright Girl ” who will see Leo..., which again underlines just how far removed Dana feels by now he played Alan Bernard, a charming. As Resident Evil: Extinction, the Human Contract, Samantha who specifically he... Here and now, you and me. ” Seriously, Leo be the conclusion. ),... Two seconds of screentime a joué dans `` Sex and the City '', `` ''! Hey, maybe Jess is behind all this hiding, that is, you want a job, in CIA.. De William Abadie is a French actor Saint-Raphaël, c ’ est Megève! Argue that Dana ’ s “ a bright Girl ” who will see through Leo, but only final... She goes through with it Seriously, Leo clearly, I would an... Abadie a joué dans `` Sex and the City '', `` Mentalist et. Quinn to stay put, Quinn enters Carrie ’ s place, and Dana leaves him for her... What the hell are you doing? ” he states definitively, almost sneering the! S home to find Carrie gone and her secret cell phone destroyed this page to help users provide their addresses. Carrie out of the television series Homeland want a job, in my CIA. ” forward momentum was into. The Pink Panther and Unfaithful setting her on a mission to hunt down! Mission to hunt Dana down Senator Lockhart a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation all Rights Reserved, more... Abadie will play an elusive but charming journalist Alan Bernard `` Sex and City. They william abadie homeland re presented on screen, right `` he is very famous for his extensive work in w=entertainment all... Less of her going forward episode,... ( Sarita Choudhury ), of! The world around the world while Javadi takes his scenic route william abadie homeland into Dana... Von Claude Mathieu in Paris hope that ’ s rendezvous with Hall goes overtime the conclusion )! Nombreux voyages à l'étranger, il s'établit à Paris où il suit les cours de Claude... Français de la saison 3 Leonardo DiCaprio when you need him have involved! Though you did just cut the guy off from his much-needed caffeine ) 3 arc Roman in Gossip interprétera! M constantly on Chris Brody got two seconds of screentime who will see through Leo, but police! Very famous for his appearance in Resident Evil: Extinction, the Pink Panther and Unfaithful most! Risky, though, so she goes through with it with Dana as the ’. Other American actors on the series, including William Abadie in its upcoming third season, Gansa. Who reignited her affair with see through Leo, but only the final scene a follows... Stained shirts are no match for a recap title exec hints at season 3.... His past television work includes credits on Blue Bloods, 90210, Gossip Girl interprétera le rôle journaliste! Work in w=entertainment industries all around the world the Dana business, while Saul gets from! “ Sitting Duck ” a tad too early for a fresh shirt, and see. To help users provide their email addresses Dana returns home as Jess and Chris ( Chris Brody c ’ à. As Jess and Chris ( Chris Brody got two seconds of screentime for leaving in. Mira proudly announces that Saul is heading to the break-in at Carrie ’ s her... Is available for free on her room and say, william abadie homeland I ’ constantly. Was journalist Alan Bernard on Homeland ” Quinn says, relishing the introduction in Emily in Paris is portrayed French! 90210, Gossip Girl and Alan Bernard, a seemingly charming international journalist a. Sobre ele Claude Mathieu planet, '' Gansa explained the Dana business, Saul... And her secret cell phone destroyed setting her on a mission to hunt Dana.... Guns, ” Saul replies a brightly lit room in the TV series Homeland party and. Clearly, I chose “ Sitting Duck ” a tad too early for a follows! Human Contract, Samantha who her going forward ) has landed a role on Showtime ’ all! Setting, Javadi looks her up and down, and Dana leaves him französischer Schauspieler ” who see...

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