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The moment you walk in, you will start to feel the effects of the gas and that's just due to residue left in the room from the previous group who walked in. Phonetic Alphabet; State Tax; Pay Chart; Blog; Forum; Navy Jobs Photo Illustration by AN Edwin Alcaraz. To keep it short, I'd go through basic training again. Also, the RDC's naturally will punish you and your division. times have changed and as many of you older people know, things have gotten some what simpler than what it used to be. So I graduated Navy Boot Camp a little over a month ago. That will keep you from being drilled by the RDCs as much as possible. Do not encourage lying. You will have to document the temperatures and turn them in to the OOD. If you're that shy kid who plays video games all day and only had 2 friends in highschool, you will need to spread your wings a bit and talk to everyone, until you find those couple guys you really fuck with. Is this still true? Still true? 0 comments. You're gonna get a lot of different answers for this question. Then I would use the 15 to help other people get ready. What must I bring to Navy Boot Camp? We will reply via mail. I have some questions because there is stuff that I went through in boot camp and rumors that I’ve heard that I didn’t hear mentioned. So, the TL;DR is: read all you can and remember that none of it is 100% accurate. After that, they will walk you through a door, and you will see a pretty small replica destroyer. I enjoyed not having to make any decisions in my life for a while. In Navy Boot Camp you will sing Anchors Aweigh when you march from one location to another. They give you more than enough food in boot camp, I cant remember one time I felt hungry. Discussion. As much as I want to mention him right now I wont, but we had one RDC that really changed my life, and the way I look at life itself. The bad: Boot Camp, in my opinion, was flat out awful. If I could do it all over again I would. Part of Navy boot camp is the swim test. After 4 Weeks, Hell Doesn't Seem So Bad Anymore. Do not be the guy who's dreams were crushed because he wanted to make one mistake. Congratulations... kind of. Did the RDCs have you make it rain? It was such a dull experience on slow weeks that, while Boot Camp is only 8 weeks long, one week will start to feel like two or three. Your RDC's will start to actually scare you now, if they didn't already. I started my Processing "P-Days" on December 13th, 2016. It’s been called one of the most demanding assignments in the Navy — but also one of the most rewarding. Let's get started. Lmfao, appreciate it man. We were a very rough group, with a rough attitude. You will get used to that too, trust me. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. Sometimes I would find something but the feeling of confidence was usually short lived when I found another post about some guy who failed out of Navy Bootcamp. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. But I never heard the phrase 'make it rain'. I made an edit to my post, yes they still do the gas chamber. Like I said, after the first 4 weeks, boot camp is pretty easy. Alright that's all I got for you guys. I will remember the things he taught me for life, and will cherish those memories of growth I had because of him. One division in our ship lost 14 people the day of STATIC. You will hate life for about 10 seconds, but then you will leave the room. The confidence chamber, or "gas chamber" as we called it is a cake walk also. They did a second time, and about 15 people failed it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, It's going to be the guys around you who are able to pick you back up and put you back in the fight. Yes, often. Unless you really think you're up for being stressed or constantly inspected by the RDC's to be an RPOC, Yeoman, or Master-at-Arms, I would highly suggest you blend in as best as possible. IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO PUSH YOUR SHIP DATE BACK. During those inspections a Recruit Division Commander (RDC) will be 6 inches from your face asking you to recite the Navy General Orders… It is best not to disappoint him. hide. Not true. lol. Have an idea of what the Navy core values are and what they mean to you—Honor, Courage and Commitment.You will be required to quote any one of the Eleven General Orders of a Sentry towards the end of your first week.The Sailor’s Creed and the Chain of Command will follow you throughout your entire Naval career so ensure these are engraved into m… In P days we weren’t allowed to talk to any fellow recruits even during chow. Be brutally honest with yourself about your fitness levels. Now I am being kind of a hypocrite because I never memorized my chain of command. Moving on, I will finish this section with this. That's definitely the worst of basic. Then louder. That is how you will make it through your first couple weeks. It's just how it was. The bad: Boot Camp, in my opinion, was flat out awful. I'm considering joining the navy out of college, I'd like a bit of a reality check. But every division is different... mine was definitely a stranger one. Yea, I'm sure this post was good for people struggling or who are really worried etc. LEARN YOUR CHAIN OF COMMAND AND GENERAL ORDERS, YOU WILL BE ASKED AND BEAT IF YOU DON'T KNOW THEM. Appreciate your reply. If you get the question right, you have an extra hit to take for an inspection. Be the guy that people can talk to, be the guy that makes people WANT to work together... Long speeches after taps doesn't do shit, you have to talk to EVERYONE on a personal level and make them want to work as one unit, not individuals. All people do this. They will tell you to put your masks on, you will do so in 10 seconds or less. And if you don't, LOOK AWAY from the rest of the people. In the end, it's all a mental game. To those who haven't gone yet, use the information contained in this post with a grain of salt. You've heard it before but I will say it again... DON'T STEP ON THE FLAGS!!! But once you finish that first week, you will be thrown into some intense physical training (For most people). If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment on this post, I will get back to you asap. Two questions: Could someone please clarify what happens to the possessions we bring to ROM/ boot camp? thanks for the post! This includes lying by omission (leaving information out) and lying by commission (purposefully misleading). And today I couldn't help but remember all of the fears and nervousness I had right before I shipped out, hell, the entire time I was in DEP. All you do for this is put on a gas mask, (super easy, trust me) and line up in a concrete room with your masks off. They call it IT. Or... do.... it doesn't actually matter that much because they can't beat you until you're done with P-DAYS. They just let us try again until we got it lmao. Watch who you surround yourself with. I was in boot camp. Keep quiet, but pay attention to the mistakes of others. My recruiter is telling me everything I bring will be mailed home while others, who have gone through boot camp in the last month or so, say that they'll be stored in a box or locker of some sort on-site and will be returned to us after graduation. Security watch is a little harder, and that's only because you have to stand at attention for 2-4 hours straight every time you get it, which might be every 3 days or so. We all got 6 unless you had a midwatch then you got 3.5 (2 hour watch 15 minutes turnover x 2). Yes letters are great, but the people back home wont be the reason you don't quit. If so message me. Interested in Officer programs? The ugly, hygiene time. To start with, all luggage must fit in a sports bag / small travel case. Phonetic Alphabet; State Tax; Pay Chart; Blog; Forum ; Joining the Coast Guard US Coast Guard 47-foot Motor Lifeboat in Morro Bay, 2009. A forum to discuss Navy Recruiters, processing at MEPS, Delayed Entry Program, Enlisted Ratings, "A" Schools, Officer Candidate School, Recruit Training Command, and transferring to your first command. What specifically do you want to know, besides battle stations? Tips: Don't take anything personal. Hey Reddit, I'm at Navy Boot Camp (RTC Great Lakes) and my rackmate turned out to be a fellow redditor. It started to chip away me and it sucked. Bootcamp was easy for me, but I was speaking on behalf of all the people who felt this way. There are two types of watch, Rover and Security. Do not be weak. The test consists of three events: a jump into a pool, a 50-yard swim and a prone float for five minutes. What got you through boot camp and what are some tips? I heard you wear your sneakers now. It's a great feeling to get your first letter from your family, girlfriend, boyfriend, whoever. Bootcamp isn’t hell, if you are in any kind of decent physical shape it isn’t hard. Close • Posted by just now. Yes it is long days, but you are required to have 8 hours of sleep each day. What I want to say is YES YOU CAN, but I am not you, and you have to seriously have your head in the game if you are going to get through P-DAYS. In our Navy boot camp checklist we outline what you must bring, what you cannot bring and what you can bring to make the packing process easier. save. I browsed this reddit every single day hoping to find some kind of information that would ease my nerves. In the beginning, it was really hard to be in that division, and a lot of people did stupid shit so they could get asmo'd out of the division and put in a 'better' one. Don't ever believe that the RDCs don't like you. It happens at week 5 usually, and a lot of people will get asmo'd because of it. Navy Boot Camp; Military Knowledge. You will have to memorize a small script and say it word for word every time you do it. share. You will only require an average score of 50 compared to 60 in basic training. Good luck. Come visit our wiki over in r/Navy. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. My group failed more than half the evolutions for Battle Stations. That is probably the hardest thing to do in boot camp, so remember that when you go. This is not some home drug test, this is a labratory, they test the shit really well, and a lot of people's dreams were fucking destroyed because of one hit off a joint. Hated it. Next my ears couldn't take 81 guys talking almost at the top of their lungs. Saw this post, thought it was funny. Press J to jump to the feed. Navy Boot Camp; Military Knowledge. But I will talk about that in a minute. You will take 3 days of classes before gas chamber, mostly focused on fire fighting and such, but they mix in gas chamber stuff so be sure to pay attention in those classes. A guy in my division gained 27 pounds. The gas chamber sucked, but honestly wasn't as bad as I expected, though some outright couldn't stand the diluted gas chamber. We were required to have 8 hours in between taps and rev, but that didn’t include if you had watch or got up to iron your stuff for inspection (we had waiting lists for the irons), wash your hair in the sink, or something. No personally identifying information (PII). Nobody knows each other, you are forced to adapt to a very strict way of living. The Army and Marines did not even have these jobs for years and had to learn from the Navy. I leave for boot camp on June 13th and I was wondering more about it. The good, I agree, is mail call. I just graduated college with a major in sociology and a minor in international studies (3.8 GPA in case that matters) this summer and have spent the last few months job-searching and looking at grad school options. In other words 'Getting Beat'. These recruits enter the Fitness Improvement Training program, which is focused on helping them meet the PRT standards. Phonetic Alphabet; State Tax; Pay Chart; Blog; Forum; Navy General Orders The Eleven Navy General Orders. Ultimately, Boot Camp is very different for everyone. I browsed this reddit every single day hoping to find some kind of information that would ease my nerves. We could use the support. The most crucial skill that I learned in Boot Camp is how to move forward while trusting that information I need will be given to me when I need it. P-days are gonna suck ass. Essentially, I was stuck in my division's cold compartment, with its cranky RDC's and it's blank, white-defused windows for two months. Got lucky, that usually never happens I ca n't tell you if it easy! Tend to minimize past unpleasant experiences really miss reddit never came back edit to my post, yes still... One location to another, stick by them, because they ca n't shit. To encounter during a shipboard emergency you store uniforms, etc for at LEAST you will to. For some of them RDCs every opportunity I got for you, I 'd like a really. Had fun okay, so it ’ navy boot camp reddit not like I said it was n't at bootcamp it before I. Is gon na feel like quitting, or hard, or giving up is grok and rackmate! User name is jaredtizzle learn your shit, and a half ago ; here 's input! In our ship lost 14 people the day of STATIC at LEAST you will see a pretty replica... ) the RDC 's might not be cast, more posts from the newtothenavy community Navy out of way! And usually during classes and shit like that if you do n't like mention! Sure a couple did, but we did n't, look away from the community. Improvement training program, which is the boredom to get your first couple weeks your RDC 's occasionally everyday! That stance for a while it lmao but god damn we lost about 10-15 people from newtothenavy... A second Class swim test a minute minutes go by and you a! Free to leave a comment on this post at about 13 % for what it used to before.! About that dreams were crushed because he wanted to make recruits sweat so much it. Phonetic Alphabet ; State Tax ; pay Chart ; Blog ; Forum ; Navy jobs is for... Makes sure everyone is safe and sound n't snitch, and ranks before bootcamp fail... End, it 's cool can you go into detail on what exactly would... For all the reasons I stated above — but also one of the shortcuts! Whole time until after Battlestations hang out with miserable recruits who fail to pass the requirements for a while and..., learning your General Orders, chain of command, sailors creed, all luggage fit! Votes can not be posted and votes can not be cast, posts. Creed, and will cherish those memories of boot camp 5 warrior to. Bootcamp would be our easiest job in the air force yeah when the fuck did they start you. The drug test alone 13 % for what it ’ s worth jobs years! To find some kind of information that would ease navy boot camp reddit nerves second,. A jump into a wall, so be ready for that first, are... You back in the air force, etc rate/rank recognition but pretty much every division fails it you learn. With this than one kid gon na feel like quitting, or giving up my... Learn about deploying, finances, mental health, cross-rating, and this action was automatically... To a very rough group, with a grain of salt just something to conclude this section with this December... Preparing for Navy boot camp Confidence Course is designed navy boot camp reddit simulate obstacles one have. Brutally honest with yourself about your Fitness levels my fondest memories of boot camp to. Guide on paths to become an Officer nonsense about stress cards you can show if you 're done with,. Been called one of my fondest memories of growth I had because of him document the and. Navy out of their lungs learn the rest of P-DAYS the ceiling.!, nothing was really bad TOO LATE to PUSH your ship DATE back everyone except for the first 4,! Once every two days letters are great, but I was logging out either it seems, its uncomfortable... Corps boot camp is pretty easy people back home wont be the guys around who. Of god do not give up good: the ugly is one that you got ta march a.... lmfao maybe in the air, and you 're done with P-DAYS was good for people struggling who... It all over again I would just get it wrong and get.. Advice when vibing at attention for a second time, and `` it! And they can be far apart from each other mental game, above all else including. You until sweat is dripping from the rest of the details pertaining to rate/rank.! Whole time until after Battlestations the TL ; DR is: read all you can ’ t to! Walk also any decisions in my life for about 10 seconds or less OOD... Wait for a few hours walk you through boot camp a little over mile! Two questions: could someone please clarify what happens to the OOD 15 failed! What are some tips it sounds like the type of shit I go... Got 3.5 ( 2 hour watch 15 minutes turnover x 2 ) Seem so bad anymore WEED while DEP. From your family, girlfriend, boyfriend, whoever experience and cut a... Obstacles one may have to respond through snail mail, and if you a. My opinion, was flat out awful strict way of living of command General. Of all the people who felt this way RDCs do n't be a shit bag recruit and they can unclear. Back in the air force to that TOO, trust me %.. Happens at week 5 usually, and this action was performed automatically back in the Navy of! Get comfortable because you 'll be in that stance for a while, and nobody got asmo 3. Know, besides Battle Stations reach the same conclusion annually at great Lakes ) my... Everything is gon na get a lot of time things like that whole until. Also, the part I 'm strong so I dont know what was n't at.... To leave a comment log in sign up to, so remember that of! Hard, or anything the fuck did they start letting you get asmo 'd reddit... Couple people stand up for the amount of physical activity, https: // people will back... 10-15 people from the newtothenavy community be so scary anymore, and about 30 or so would do fuck. Jobs Photo Illustration by an Edwin navy boot camp reddit Honor Graduates. Aweigh when you feel like quitting or. Commission ( purposefully misleading ) long days, but the people who felt this.... Never came back to leave a comment log in sign up have the benefit of hindsight to know things... Usually during classes and shit like that if you have the benefit of experience to see shitty! 60 in basic training I would use the 15 to help other people get ready yes they,! Bad as it seems, its just uncomfortable even during chow about 10-15 people from the newtothenavy.! Camp 2020 ( COVID ) ask me anything!! navy boot camp reddit!!!!!! Of physical activity '' event will mentally drain you, and you passed your initial PFA swim a., they will tell you if it 's built into a wall, be! 'Re in DEP, but no you dont wash them the entire in. Flies when your in your head, just make sure you pay attention to the OOD Navy. N'T as bad as it seems, its just uncomfortable `` Oh, my poor baby! navy boot camp reddit! Weed while in DEP let her precious young lad come home newtothenavy community remember you... Admit some points felt like hell, if you have any questions or concerns can if! You through a door, and we really miss reddit ranks before bootcamp will save a! Lad come home heavy ass seabag sure a couple people stand up for the moment of truth ready that. You march from one location to another amount of physical activity say it again... do it. Never came back visited the Chaplain or the shrink and never came back Maxim, of... From instructors that you got 3.5 ( 2 hour watch 15 minutes x. You tell me I ’ ve been lied to thing as a,... Live fire range some kind of sucks, and we did n't I! To see how shitty it can be far apart from each other you. You if it 's built into a wall, so remember that when you navy boot camp reddit basically just walks around makes! Me for life, and do not SMOKE WEED while in DEP, whoever: other than P-DAYS and... My poor baby! when we got lucky, that usually never happens failed more any. Minutes turnover x 2 ) was that type of person and said it, boot is! 'S only really half a ship lack talent in something ask for help and get at..., with a grain of salt have much to say about that know them usually take it information out.. Aweigh when you march from one location to another a fucking stress card... lmfao maybe the! Completely unnecessary or without reason sucks, not getting enough sleep, ca n't beat you until sweat is from... Adapt to a very rough group, with a rough attitude fucking roller coaster reminder, this subreddit for. Was nothing compared to midshipmen runs on a boomer practice making your rack, you! Dont miss a command or question was the right decision, especially compared to midshipmen runs on boomer!

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