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That being said, these reasons are negotiable, usually with a local system official or board that, way, way down the line, has been ok'd by Union to grant travel passes. May 20, 2019 - Explore Weston McG's board "Lancer RPG Art" on Pinterest. Like any footage of someone activating an Orochi protocol, or using sentinel or point-defense weapons against incoming launchers, or using EMP systems? On Mariela, in the Constellation, Master Teacher reclined on a wide marble bench and watched the children run and play. TL:DR: the galaxy's a mess, make it what you want, but don't piss off Union. Are there mainstream cultural memes? [–]SisterSkitter 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children). You know, like the Hollywood of the galaxy. [–]BlamStokel 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago (4 children). and -- should they ever return -- coming back to a world far different than the one they left. your own Pins on Pinterest Is that a thing that a company can do, or does Union completely control printers? See more ideas about lancer, mech, character design. Your ROI is determined by the territory gained by exploiting unexploited land (planet, moon, asteroid, comet) and the raw materials that can be harvested from that land (gas giants count as well!) I've actually heard of people using it to simulate power armor in the Mass Effect universe, with each of the major brands representing a council species's aesthetic. Interstellar travel is still a big deal to most people in the galaxy. Really desperate people? Horus is just really good at hiding who their license-holders are), [–]torpedoguy 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago (2 children). One of the things I love is that the "twist" of Union's seeming benevolence is that no, they are actually good, and not secretly evil. (There are stories of sub-blink colony ships burning out there across the black, headed for destinations as-yet unknown on journeys that will take tens of thousands of years. Tumblr Twitter Email RSS. They're less sequential stops on a line (like a subway or train) and more a door that opens a hallway to another door -- IF you know where that other door is. ), though they are, indeed, real. I understand that small nuclear reactors are the most common power source in colonies and individual mechs, but does this extend up to spaceships and more developed systems, up to Cradle? And yeah, to your other point: information -- data in the form of Union's universal currency, Manna -- is valuable. Keep an eye open here and on our twitter (@Lancer_RPG) for updates. Humanity in Lancer knows the cost of interstellar travel, that's why most people stay on the world they were born! They also tax systems a bit more because of their power draw, but are lighter and don't require as much ammunition to actually use. The subreddit also has some neat stuff, including a Q and A thread, … She is based on Weiss Schnee from the RWBY series. [–]Kid_BellyflopCreator-Writer of Worlds 8 points9 points10 points 3 years ago (0 children). Oftentimes funerals are held for travelers embarking on an interstellar journey; there's a very good chance that, by the time they return, everyone they know and love on the world will have long since passed away. So in my short answer I said that the populated arm of the Milky Way is basically what you posited: a colorful, chaotic mess. So Union credits (or whatever they might be called) are valuable to everyone everywhere, because what they can actually buy you is information. Also, ancient underground megastructures would still have WOW factor — remember, in Lancer, humans are still the only species in the galaxy: discovery of ancient alien megastructures would define an epoch. 9,440 backers pledged $432,029 to help bring this project to life. Given that Lancer might mostly take place on the fringe of Humanity's worlds, more primitive tech is probably much easier to maintain/replicate/print/service than more advanced equipment. [–]M3rcury_419 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago (0 children). Things like trade, military transport, scientific expeditions, and luxury travel usually have a long period of stasis attached to them (spooling up to 80-100% lightspeed takes time!) You mentioned that the Union could take down the Blink network at will, does this mean that connections to other blink gates is proprietary information that is Union controlled? These tend to be massive, massive structures, think partial Dyson spheres, and are often run as states themselves. Union sits at the top of the state food chain, all resources and information eventually funneling to the central repository in Cradle: for states and colonies outside the core worlds, Union may exist only in myth (or not even at all in their culture! That, of course, is misinformed: oftentimes these people call a certain Blink station home, or their ships are their homes, and look at planet-bound population as too provincial, too covetous of a certain time or place, incurious. The would could have been seeded by a colony ship that exited a nearby Blink station a hundred years ago, or the players might be the only people able to reach a given Blink station on account of their ship having some form of stasis capability. Thinking about it, a lot of RPGs (and fantasy stories in general) are monarchist propaganda positing that a 'good' government is one that's a hereditary absolute monarchy where any kind of senate (if one exists) is corrupt and meddling; and which doesn't look beyond its borders. Like Miguel said, for us I think Lancer fills a niche that we desired to see filled. And boy, this seems like a doozy, both as an RPG on its own and as a mecha minis game, as it has a very clear division between narrative/downtime play and combat, reminiscent of Blades in the Dark. They’re good enough to putter around your home system, but anything farther away and it becomes impractical. In the distant future of the 51th Century the Union rules over trillions of planets and provide information and technology to everyone of them. Energy weapons generally are used by professional, standing armies with extensive training in their operation. To me, "they are actually good, and not secretly evil" reads like, "word-of-god says you should believe the propaganda". I customized the Kraken Table and added several RPG tools to run the excellent Lancer RPG. ships have cold sleep/suspended animation type setups? These mount long-term generation ships on .8-1.0 Lightspeed journeys out to unexplored systems where habitable planets are either ID'd and not yet explored or simply hypothesized to exist. Accruing Manna is a goal for many, as it represents “value” and very real power. [–]Ninjaxenomorph 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children). It is currently in public beta. You hit on a good point with your question - who would want to travel like this? that is generative to your roleplaying and storytelling. LANCER TTRPG r/ LancerRPG. Unless you want to feature a forgotten/quarantined system, yes, there should be a Blink Station somewhere nearby. I've been prepping for a test campaign of the upcoming RPG Lancer, from Mastiff Press, as I'm always on the lookout for mecha punching goodness. Not like the Imperium where they are willing to let any petty planetary governor do what they want as long as the tithe comes in. It’s a post-capitalist system with state and individual actors that all have different motivations for doing what they do, unified by an abstract “value” notation administered by a central hegemony. Is access commensurate to some quota of goods they bring to a 'net trader? Tom: On a car ride together we discussed trying to find a mech RPG to play that wasn’t proprietary and couldn’t think of one. Of course, that doesn't explain the physics-bending Harrison Armory weapons, but perhaps they've found a way to simplify those designs for most printers somehow, where other manufacturers figure big bullets work just as well. What is dangerous about this is that, should it fall apart, so too does the whole connected galaxy. The central companies tend to dislike/ outright hate Horus because Horus, more so than any other entity, represents a threat to the established order. Massif is based out of Atlanta, GA, and Portland, OR. Outreach. Blink stations dot the populated arm of the galaxy, acting as gates on either end of "tunnels" bored through the fabric of space and time. No one knows how she have arrived, but her innocent character makes no one suspicious of her. You can follow him on Twitter @WhyNotArtDump; Nicolai is the code wizard in charge of making things move on the screen. Some charter corporations or states run sleeper ships, where a skeleton crew of engineers (like 5-10 max) are kept in stasis until they're a month or so out from their destination. My idea about the Omninet is that just like today's Internet a total access to education and technology doesn't stop people from believing stupid things (flat earthers!) That's troubling! It's definitely one of those cases where the fluff and mechanics need to be skipping hand in hand. I’m ready for him this time. Not to mention space for hydroponics etc. I feel like I didn’t entirely do it justice, so here’s a bit of a longer explanation on what it is, and why I think it’s great. But like how gun control is lobbied in the US, "It's the user, not the gear." and a shorter period of "thawed" travel -- when combat, trade, science, or sightseeing happens. Class Overview. Do more and make more, from start to finish. Post-scarcity and post-capitalist does not mean post-human. Enjoy your books, and see you in the stars, - Massif Press. However, if there isn't a nearby Blink station, then you need to hire a Distant-Range/ Deep Black colonial charter corporation. As of right now, all they have developed are weak versions that can’t sustain a gate long enough to direct anything through it. Thanks for staying engaged, though, it's good to sweat the flavor. Almost everything is paywalled. Yup! It is currently released digitally for Kickstarter Backers. Those that do deal more damage do so as a direct heat exchange on both (say, 1d6 firer for 1d6 target, and so on). These people are often looked at as odd, placeless. For the latest Lancer news, be sure to follow Massif Press on Twitter. Many in the scientific community suspect Union interference and obfuscation in the field of non-station FTL/paracausal travel; however, data taps are precious, and getting your omninet connection severed because you asked too many questions is not a risk most lab types are willing to take. They could be reflections, they could be something else. Waves of drone ships were launched thousands of years ago, and again every few years: as of gametime, some of those earliest blink transponders are only just now arriving to the systems that had been ID'd as potential station homes. [–]The_Wyzard 2 points3 points4 points 3 years ago (10 children). About 10% of the total population uses Blink gates regularly. However, running a campaign where you try and break that control could be profitable: Horus collectivists would be pretty interested in making contact with whatever small corp. had cracked printer design tech... [–]torpedoguy 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago (3 children). Lancer is a mud-and-lasers RPG about mechs and the pilots who crew them. What I am imagining is that the omninet is actually REALLY RESTRICTED. Boom, now you're only a decade older (owing to the relative passage of time as you stay near lightspeed) and something like 10x the years you spent in stasis has passed. Remote, leeward monitoring stations have reported radio echoes, pulses too regular to be anything natural, drifting across their sensors. Day job's been busy. Lancer is my current tabletop RPG obsession. These people should be worshipped as gods by all of the lesser DPS types. The Lancer universe isn’t traditionally capitalist. They're the big hegemonic power that controls ultimate access to the Omninet and Blink network, as well as access to printers and the universal galactic currency, Manna (a normalized representation of value based off a whole ton of factors). Last point! HOWEVER, there is a workaround that some people employ: the relativistic boomerang. Hacking printer plans and attempting to steal them to make your own would attract attention as well. Next question: Is there life-extending technology? Energy weapons are cleaner, quieter, generally more devastating, and have virtually no noticeable time-to-target score. Thanks for the long answer. Do they have a ration, given to them at the start of the day/week/month/year? Finally, the last constant, one known only to the most privileged Union administrators: deep in the heart of Union's administrative core is a council chamber, outside of which administrators buzz and hurry to take council and disseminate edicts, orders, and commands across the galaxy in service of the singular goal of ensuring humanity's survival. The mecha combat game in itself is, IMHO, a … That said, scientists across the galaxy had been working on miniaturizing blink drives in a way that facilitate travel. However production in that setting is still 'normal' and as such autocannons which can be machined for pennies on the dollar are everywhere: if everything is being 3d-printed perfectly then the disappearance of the costs involved in precision optics would somewhat tip the scales. Miguel: Since summer 2017, when Lancer began as a side project during our D&D campaign. Thank you for taking the time to answer! Individual Blink gates are connected to all other gates. [–]Kid_BellyflopCreator-Writer of Worlds 4 points5 points6 points 3 years ago (5 children). Twitter; Class Overview; Skills; PLAY FREE. Tech exists to extend this, but no one has made it past a comfortable 150. Regarding the COV-19 virus and its effects:Things are frustrating, and confusing, and scary. A string of random events in his life led him to game development as a career and he hasn't looked back. This rpg class doesn’t get anywhere near the recognition it deserves. Dec 24th, 2020 . Could a planet censor parts of the Omninet just like countries do nowadays with the Internet?'s Garrett Fuller takes a look at TERA's Lancer class in his latest article. The type of player that picks and levels a Cleric type is the very definition of morally sound. Carceral transit -- prison ships that travel on big, BIG loops -- usually is non-stasis as well. I'll get back with a longer response later this evening (pacific time), but for now the short answer is: colorful chaotic mess administered/regulated at a distance by a hegemonic central power, not widely encountered by people in their day-to-day lives. It is my understand, based on your Twitter comments, that you have concerns with your ENnies nomination. Just saw this thread on my way out the door and wanted to acknowledge it! With a galaxy-wide info net and AI-boosted automation, in the very best of cases you'd be one encounter with a Nano-Carbon Sword (hope it isn't yours!) TL;DR: people still want power; in Lancer, habitable, exploitable land is power. The game features robust mech customization and deadly tactical combat." While technically a subclass of mage, they are critical to … Because if I'm going to spend (frex) ten years on a trip from a blink-gate equipped system to my new home in the colonies, then I'm going to either need to be on ice, or I'm going to need to have a whole lot of room on-board to stay entertained. Maybe the Union or other governments want to push the colonization effort, and are doing forcible relocation? "LANCER is the tabletop role playing game of mech combat created by Tom Parkinson-Morgan and Miguel Lopez. These DR/DB type ships are generational, meaning that no one (save for extremely vital personnel) goes in stasis, and successive generations following the first are expected to live their whole lives aboard the ship until they arrive at their destination -- the generation that disembarks will be the descendants of the generation that boarded. © 2020 reddit inc. All rights reserved. ), [–]BlamStokel 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (1 child). I'm curious, rather than trying to nitpick. Jan 17, 2014 $430k Plus and Seventeen Months Later ‘Up Front!’ and ‘Airborne in Your Pocket’ are Nowhere to be Seen; Sep 27, 2010 The TGG Show Hits the Internet Waves!

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