kiritsugu vs kayneth

He is able to easily transport it despite its normal weight being close to 140 kg with a spell of weight reduction, normally keeping it in a large porcelain vase in the novels and a small test tube in the anime. Kayneth triumphantly stands and crushes the paper in his fist. Psycho Mantis chuckles as he observes the child. I understand perfectly why we could say that Kiritsugu is smarter, even if outsmarting Kayneth isn't that great of a feat. "I'm ending this, Mantis." Locating the others wasn't hard once he knew what to look for. He wraps his tail around her leg and teleports her over to Cole. Nightcrawler teleports Merrill and Nico to Cole's side, before drawing his swords. Kayneth is the Master of Lancer in the Fourth Holy Grail War and the most active master at the beginning of the War. ", In the mist, a boy with black hair appears in the Iris message, sleeping. Nightcrawler teleports up to greet him, swinging his swords down. Warrior Simply surviving in his state is only due to receiving quick attention from Sola-Ui, and while she restores his internal organs, his muscles and nerves are irrevocably damaged. A tournament to test the strength of mages? He is a renowned magus from the Mage's Association, bearing an ancient lineage and a highly-tuned magical skillset. Trapped in a silver and red envelope, the paper states only a few brief lines. Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald [Person's name] A chilling laughter broke the silence, as Psycho Mantis floats down in front of the army. Well, at least I'm not dead. "You use foul magic, child. Back on the ground, Nico summons more waves of skeletons as Cole and Merrill take down rows of cops. He whistles, where his loyal hippogriff lets out a screech as it lands beside him. against a barrier causes it to change into a long and thin ribbon in the shape of a whip that strikes out at the target with a whipping motion, and against a living target, two whips can strike in a pincer motion to cut at the target from both sides. As Astolfo lowers his blade to block, Nico sweeps his leg underneath Astolfo's. But...", Nightcrawler wraps his tail around Merrill's staff and yanks it away. Nico says as he disappears into the shadows. She looked long and hard at the servant's... no, Diarmuid's face. Birthday: Kai Leng looks in fear and starts to scream in terror, resisting to no avail. [4] With both the nine generation Archibald Magic Crest and his acknowledged talent, the inheritance of the prestigious El-Melloi title was a given to him. "Blasted. The Conduit winces as the blade stings against his ankle, launching himself to safety on a pillar of ice. . Merrill exits the small shack where she lives with the rest of her friends, before burying herself in the earth and leaving a trail of dirt in her place. "Mythal'enaste. Come back ‘round here and I’ll open up a fresh can of whoop-ass just for you!”, “If you could do that, you wouldn’t be down here Duke!”, Cole chuckles to himself as he arrives at his own space. As he reached for the handle, however, he heard a calm voice broadcasting like an automated announcement. She briefly stumbles before throwing a blast of icy magic at Nightcrawler. Nightcrawler grabs her by the shoulders, and begins a series of teleports around the area. She leaves to draft the notices, leaving Cfp to watch the monitors alone. Nico rolls his eyes, before speaking loudly "Percy! But the contract had a loophole - Kiritsugu only swore not to kill them personally. As he flies backwards, he thanks the gods for such magical intervention as Astolfo's hippogriff slashes its claws where he just was. Mercury has flaws as a sensory tool in that it is limited in its ability to communicate information back to Kayneth. [3], Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald His base of operations at the Fuyuki Hyatt Hotel is on the hotel's thirty-second floor and protected by twenty-four layers of bounded barriers, a countless amount of summoned monsters, various traps, and mystical spatial alterations in the lobby. In his new house in the Slums district, Cole plops down on the couch and cracks open a bottle of beer. In a small hovel, Merrill bows her head in reverence at the woman before her. After forcing the reluctant Risei to comply based on Kayneth's assertion of Lancer's role in defeating Caster, Kayneth shoots Risei to prevent the regulator of the war from giving out any more Command Spells and to implicate Kiritsugu as the murderer. Cole MacGrath won World War Royale, thanks in part to the raw power and the options he did have at his disposal. It also acts according to his state of mind, such as randomly attacking everything in sight while he is agitated. Nico looks in shock at the mage, who innocently shrugs before continuing to fight. ", "By my calculations, he'll probably die." The man fell flat on his face into the puddle of metal, with a river of blood flowing over the thicker liquid beneath it. He was a cripple that could not even use magic anymore. The two men rise as Parcel holds out a thin piece of paper. "Don't hold back, eh fraulin?" Cole wandered around the edges of the Blue Collar, easily hiding himself in the nightlife crowd as people returned home from work or took to the streets. ", Spider-Man innocently brings his hands to his chest. With the protection of Volumen Hydrargyrum, Kayneth, Sola-Ui and Lancer just barely managed to survive the building's collapse. "Can you draft the new housing notices? Silence hangs in the air, no one sure what to do. Psycho Mantis recoils on instinct, and his illusion temporarily slips to reveal the skeletons silently awaiting Nico's command. Merrill gasps in pain as Cole follows up with a stream of quick bolts, each sending her back in pain. Talents: Nico's army of skeletons charge at Godzilla, only for to get stomped under foot with each step it takes. ", Unsure what to do, Merrill, Cole, Nighcrawler, and Nico all look at each other in concern. Guilt stricken and in despair, Kayneth asked Kiritsugu if he and his wife-to-be were free to go. Due to his great lineage, he had extensive connections. The bolt dissipates in the field, and Nico launches a crescent shape blade of shadow at Merrill. "Get behind me kid. This is actually not at all impossible. He probably didn't have the energy for it, and he was already lost anyway. "I hate it when we do this." "That reminds me, Mister...what's your name again? Kung Lao says, raising the two halves of the cyborg in victory. I'll contact housing to create space for the new arrivals, but I need you to write up the moving notices for Astolfo and Kayneth.". The limits of hydrodynamics make it impossible to return as quickly from the protective membrane to its blob form through only pressure, so, after adapting to the best physical shape to protect against the current threat, an immediate attack of greater destructive power can pierce it before it has time to react and form a more powerful defense. The ninja doubles forward, only to receive a swift kick from Kung Lao. Even beneath the domino mask, she could feel his eyes glaring at her. If we have this problem again, I will deduct your grade even further.”. The sunny sky and lush green public parks of the Wealthy District gives way to the darker, congested urban jungle where the magus was forced to live. However, not wanting to leave any loose ends, Kiritsugu ordered his assistant Maiya Hisau to kill both of them with a sniper round to the chest. He purrs, his voice nearly indecipherable due to his mask and his thick Russian accent. Lancer convinces her to stop arguing with Kayneth, her immediate submission to the Servant leads Kayneth to suspect Sola-Ui is developing affections for Lancer and would became a source of strife as Sola-Ui developed feelings for the Irish hero. It can easily search the entire first floor and second floor of the large Einzbern Castle in a short amount of time, easily slipping its tentacles into spaces as small as keyholes to search rooms. Similarly to how he lost to Kiritsugu, Kayneth would eventually make a brash mistake that would be his undoing. If they get out of range, another camera finds 'em. Suddenly, three skeletons begin to rise out of the ground. After the destruction of his Magic Circuits due to Kiritsugu's Origin Bullet, he becomes incapable of performing magecraft again. "Please, anything can help." It was a rare power, but he only expected the best from his enemies in capturing The Grail. Its regular form is a large ball three meters in diameter that follows and protects Kayneth. Despite the strength of its defense, according to Faldeus Dioland, the Volumen Hydrargyrum has no defense against more powerful modern weaponry such as an anti-tank rifle. The cyborg huddles down to his knees, before immediately stopping. Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald (ケイネス・エルメロイ・アーチボルト, Keinesu Erumeroi Āchiboruto?) Cole looks down to see a young man, no more than sixteen or seventeen, raising a cup in hand. ", The combatants see an army in the street below them. He keeled, placing one of his spears on the ground. Due to his father, Norikata Emiya, fourth family head of the Emiya family and a magus who received a Sealing Designation, Kiritsugu lost his mother shortly after he was born. He uses its extremely sensitive sense of touch to make judgements based on vibrations in the air, sense differences in air temperature, and locate heat sources. Because of course he does.". This one full of self-hatred and envy. ), he is the Lord of the Department of Mineralogy of the Clock Tower. Astolfo flies over the tall buildings, his lance in hand as the hippogriff scans for targets below. "You talk too much, dumbass.". Waver, in retaliation, stole Kayneth's artifact and entered the Fourth Holy Grail War. Kiritsugu Emiya is the true Master of Saber during the Fourth Holy Grail War, working with the Einzberns to secure the Grail. "He's alive, but barely. He stumbles back, before his Mystic Code lashes out at Spider-Man in defense. I don't need to cut off your magic, just slow it enough for me to slide this in while you focused on the Colt. [4] Waver Velvet is one of his students, but Kayneth cares little for him, especially after reading Waver's radical thesis concerning increasing magical potential. The ninja deflects with his sword, but overcommitts and the blade follows the hat as it spins to the side. Before them, Merrill twirls her staff and lets out another blast of magic. He grabs his abandoned scabbard, and begins his good-byes. Realizing her presence, he finally looks up and puts them to the side. He hesitates for the briefest moment, and a raspy voice enters his mind. Nico di Angelo barely edges into frame from the shadows, his pale face and sunken eyes darting back and forth before slinking back out. The spy merely crosses his arm, and quickly raises his hands. The reason Kayneth brought many dangerous Mystic Code had nothing to do with research, but for entertainment value. Beneath the flying knight - in fact, beneath all of DFederal - Cole MacGrath finishes climbing down the ladder of a manhole. He did not participate in the Holy Grail War due to necessity or duress, it was merely to add a splash of "martial prowess" to his life's story. "Wonderful, just wonderful! The final "sea urchin" transformation used in the battle against Kiritsugu was a form that combined both raw defensive ability and cunning, but accordingly the drain on Kayneth's magical energy was immense. Spider-Man shoots two webs into the ground and slings himself forward, smashing into Kayneth. Scalp! He rapidly brought up his hand... the seal had been used, that was no illusion, yet there was no positive response from his servant, nor were there any sign of a bounded field preventing such a spell from working. ", Psycho Mantis floats up to the roof, followed by a knight in red armor. Had they planned for this all along? Ten liters of mercury oozes from the mouth of the vase as if a disciplined primeval creature, or congeals on the ground from the test tube, becoming a large ball showing the mirror-like metal sheen of the substance. As a result, he effectively lost through self-destruction. He groans, only to feel a foot firmly plant itself on his chest. Royales "Congratulations. Midorikawa wished that they allow Lancer and Saber to go on fighting forever as Lancer seemed to be enjoying himself. The floating blade quickly thrusts itself into the monk again, and he falls to his knees. "We could get him in a car and drive him to a nearby healer's to stop the damage. I have always helped the People.." Flemeth muses, turning her back to the elf. ロード・エルメロイが駆使する礼装の一つ。魔力を充填した水銀に多鍾多様な行動パターンを記憶させ、状況に応じた最善の反応をとるよう設定したもの。戦闘用ゴーレムの一種と言えなくもない。こと物理エネルギーとしての破壊力においてはケイネスの武装の中でも最強。彼はこれ以外にも呪術戦、幻術戦に特化した礼装を多数用意していたが、切嗣によるホテル爆破によって大多数が失われた。月霊髄液の多機能性は万能兵器と呼ぶに相応しいものの、所詮は自動機械であり、ひとたび行動パターンを見切られてしまうと対処されやすい。また操作に費やす魔力は形態の複雑さに比例するため、なるべく単純な形態を維持する必要があるが、いったん液圧をかけにくい形態に変形してしまうと、次の動作は反応速度、パワーともに著しく劣化する。最後のウニ型変形は防御力と機敏さを両立させうる形態だったが、それに費やすケイネスの魔力負担は相当なものだっただろう。 While Kayneth and Sola-Ui interpret the attack as one of the Masters driving people out of the hotel in order to attack Kayneth without any civilian casualties getting in the way and anticipated how to counter accordingly, Kiritsugu and Maiya had actually aimed to destroy the hotel's foundation. Nothing can be said to be unbreakable before it, allowing it to destroy the most solid defense. "I don't suppose we could settle this amicably, mein fraulein?". Japanese VA: ", Merrill giggles at the jokes, causing Kayneth to yell in anger. Interesting scenario. In a way, he's a very human character. "This is much more convenient than a string.". Merrill launches two fireballs at Kayneth, who raises his Volumem Hydrargyrum in a solid shield. He instinctively turns, his sword drawn, as Nightcrawler and Merrill teleport behind him. Their defense against a stronger bullet like that of the Thompson Contender is much greater than the membrane, and they can quickly close around the bullet to become a single column that closes the attack off completely. The two combatants and Spider-Man look at each other in a face off, waiting for one of the others to make a move. "Thought you could use my own tricks against me, novice? "Merrill is your name, right? "Scalp". 武内: It is also possible to detect its maximum range, its speed and power being most fatal within a seven-and-a-half meter radius and still potent up to just over ten meters, to keep from being a target at all. You are the fifth person to have confused the two of us today.” Roland hangs his head in frustration. • バーサーカーチームを活用する。他サーヴァントに対しては強敵でありながらランサーだけが相性関係で優位に立てる相手なので、可能であればバーサーカーを最終局面まで生存させて他チームの殲滅を任せ、しかる後に討ち取るのが望ましい。. He collects his mail, tossing aside bills and spam mail before settling on the final message. Using his internal Reality Marble of Time Manipulation, Kiritsugu escapes and after which he proceeds to hunt Kayneth. The worst he did was try to kill people who willingly signed up for a battle royale to the death, and he was perfectly happy to sacrifice everything for the sake of a fiancee who he genuinely loved, even if she didn't return his feelings. 虚淵:. Urobuchi's comment The crowds all disperse as Psycho Mantis and his thrall, a cyborg wielding a sword, appear before Kung Lao. Cole leaps in front of Nico and raises an electric shield. Under other circumstances, I'd like to meet you. Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald was fuming, with a heat coming off of him rivaling the the chill in the air that bit at his nose. Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald is a high ranking magus of the Mage's Association, as well as a notable professor within the Clock Tower. Lancer's Master. Though his position cannot be determined with human eyes and the location and gender of his voice are concealed by an unnatural echo, he is not hidden from a heat scope. Holding the police back just long enough to get the duo moving; subtly putting it in Cole and Nightcrawler's minds to target Nico next; and none of them the wiser for it. The ground shakes as the army, once collected to finally round up the fugitives, marshalls under Psycho Mantis' control. "I don't see why not. "Don't thank me yet- I didn't say the second thing yet.". Place of Origin: From a distance, Maiya snipes both Kayneth and Sola-Ui, gravely injuring the mage and instantly killing his wife-to-be. Cole and Kurt laugh in spite of themselves, before awkwardly looking at each other. However, his glee immediately turned to utter dread when all he was met with was another gust of cold air. Blinking his eyes, he observes his new companion. A young man emerges from the shadows of an alley, a black sword at his side. Kurt says, tapping the keg and handing Cole a mug. Get up! Please wait while your next opponent is selected....". Despite the loss of his wares in the destruction of the Hyatt Hotel, having Volumen Hydrargyrum makes him feel no overall loss in his battle strength. If Diarmuid really appreciated Kayneth's talents and experience, then Kayneth would have treated him with a much softer attitude.[4]. "Don't suppose you'd be willing to take time out of your very busy schedule? Kayneth can then follow its trail to the target. Upon activating Volumen Hydrargyrum's automated defense mode, it instantly responds to anything that can threaten Kayneth and defends appropriately. In the blast, Nightcrawler is flung backwards. Kiritsugu assures them that he will not harm them, giving him a brief moment of relief. Kayneth was subsequently rescued by Lancer right before he was about to be killed. Round 2: Kiritsugu, he'll know to … The magus continues, looking at a piece of black fabric that had been sliced from Nico's own shirt. "Once again, Cole - congratulations. Can't trace the origin, damn. "Na abelas. Stopping his musing on the subject, Psycho Mantis watches as Nico di Angelo scrounges through a meal. The vigilante flips over some attacks, before Kurt teleports both of them to safety. Experts agreed that while Kayneth was certainly the better mage, and his Mystic Code outclassed Dean physically, it would ultimately be his confidence that would outdo him against someone experienced in fighting supernatural threats on a daily basis. It would be optimal to let Berserker destroy the other teams and reach the finale. The traumas of the last time he heard them flashes into his mind, causing him to shake his head in a mix of fear and anger. She is engaged to Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald as a result of a strategic marriage arrangement and the decision of her family to entrust their crest to her ol… The loneliness, frustration and jealousy almost drove him mad. ", Merrill nods. "Face me yourself, fool. He weakly stands, before Cole tackles him down and locks him into place with a lightning arc. He thought he noticed something moving, some sort of shimmer, before continuing towards door outside. ", Spider-Man smirks and walks towards the door. Although they were almost lost, Waver eventually compiled a tome named "Lord Kayneth's Encyclopedia of Arcane Secrets", which laid the foundation for the flourishing of House El-Melloi and its descendants.[4]. It has garbage animation and was animated by a shitty studio called Ufotable which is known for having some of the worst animation ever. "And you're Nightcrawler? ), Kiritsugu Emiya. He is an expert in Summoning, Necromancy, Alchemy, and Spiritual evocation, displays the ability to create a Bounded Field to keep regular humans from entering the battlefield of Servants, and can hide his presence and voice through either illusions or other presence-concealing magecraft. Kiritsugu flips over each tentacle, before shooting his Thompson Contender. He is one of the few magi Kiritsugu calls a "formidable enemy", whose strength is a great enough threat to make him utilize his Thompson Contender. とはいえ実のところディルムッドも、マスターとして自分の忠義を受け正めてくれる相手なら誰でも良かった節があり、ケイネスその人の人柄と向き合っての相互埋解を怠っていたのは事実である。もし板にディルムッドが、ケイネスの才能と経歴にメロメロになるほど感服した上で忠誠を誓っていたならば、ケイネスとてもうちょっと柔らかい接し方をしたんじゃなかろうか。 Garrus awkwardly starts to back away. By the way, in the Fourth Holy Grail War, the following strategy would insure the absolute victory of Team Lancer: ケイネス・エルメロイ・アーチボルト【人名】 Two nearby trash cans levitate, and fling themselves at the monk. Absolutely not. “Jones, when are you going to get around to fixing my shower?”, “When I can Blondie. As Kiritsugu observed the Mystic Code's abilities he sees a sliver of mercury "look" through the keyhole of his room. Cole pulls out his cellphone to check his emails. Lao nods in determination, raising his hand as a challenge to Kai Leng. The spell collides into Nightcrawler, who briefly freezes in place before he can teleport to safety. Cole raises a shield, just as Nightcrawler teleports beside him with Deadshot. Better to use a round than to lose the weapon entirely, he thought. While it is meant to be able to absorb Gandr shots, deflect magic swords, and break through supernatural fire, ice, and lightning, it can also protect against modern weaponry with ease. Unable to slow down, Astolfo and the hippogriff slam into the barrier at full speed. The magus quickly hides in his home- a three room apartment, with a decent sized kitchen, a bathroom, and his bedroom. Garrus himself aims his pistol at the roof, silent. The weakness of the attacks is that controlling mercury with pressure means only parts with large mass can exert their full power. Rapidly, Psycho Mantis' face shifted to the boy's. Kiritsugu Emiya is the main protagonist of the anime, Fate/Zero, notable for being a collaboration between Fate's publisher/developer, TYPE-MOON,& collaborator, Nitro+. He could feel its presence wash over him; absolutely nothing was interfering with his magic. Psycho Mantis feels a hand on his shoulder, and turns around to see Nico plunging his sword into Godzilla's skin for a handhold. She lights the material on fire, before barely dodging a punch from Spider-Man. While his coat seems simple, its stiffly structured decorations show individualism.[2]. He turns to his former opponents. The existence of Kiritsugu Emiya, which goes against such principles to the point where he completely destroys the building rather than facing him in a battle of their magical prowess, greatly angers him. ", Spider-Man laughs as he assumes a fighting stance. She casts a telekinetic blast from her mind, sending both men recoiling as she stands up again. Nico di Angelo, you are to turn yourself in immediately.". It can take on a shape like a jellyfish with a flat platform for Kayneth to ride, and it can uses its tentacles to climb, attack, and defend with ease. He was born with im… ", Kayneth sluggishly rises as his Mystic Code returns, lashing out with his back still turned to the officer. She mutters, throwing a fireball at Cole. My entry application put me downtown and I haven’t gotten updates since. Please do not attempt a summoning ritual again.". I don't like playing cosmic puppet as much as the next guy, but these guys are dangerous. 47 Kiritsugu Emiya HD Wallpapers and Background Images. ", "Did the jokes not give you a hint?" “The instructions are on there. Nightcrawler, Merrill, and Spider-Man all reemerge from the fight, taking shelter in what appeared to be an abandoned restaurant. The speed of its defense comes from hydraulic pressure, allowing it to spread the membrane faster than a bullet. Dislikes: Worst enemy: Kiritsugu Emiya A blond man in blue approaches, clearing his throat. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Cole chugs the rest of his beer, and sprints towards the nearest exit. Nico gulps back his fear, unintentionally radiating in a deathly feeling of terror. Cynicism Catalyst : His inability to Shoot the Dog when he was a child haunts him. He lets out a grunt as he slams into a wall, while Nightcrawler teleports to give him a chance to breathe. "Fool! Left alone, Nightcrawler decides to take first watch as night begins to fall. Cfp leans back into his chair and puts his feet onto the desk. The skeleton collapses in half, still rattling its teeth. Because he never acknowledged the humanity of Servants, he did not understand Diarmuid's loyalty even until the very end. Kiritsugu is gobsmacked by the chivalry among knights. It was... an unlikely outcome, but he hadn't ruled out spatial displacement. Winner via KO or death. impossible!". Kung Lao's hat reappears on his head, and he follows up by tossing it behind his foe as he rolls backwards. Kiritsugu offers in the contract that Kayneth and Sola-Ui will not be harmed by him should Kayneth force Lancer to kill himself. Seeing this, Saber finally puts Kayneth out of his misery and kills him, decapitating him in the original and simply killing him in the anime adaptation, disgusted with her own Master's dishonorable methods. The psychopath forces his control over Nico, only for the demigod to rise and launch the stones at Mantis. Rereading the names on the list of his opponents, he recognized one from the list of Heroic Spirits he'd learned of in preparation for the Grail War. It was deep and utter failure. He can control it easily due to lacking specialized senses such as sight, smell, and taste, so he cannot rely on it to be able to sense targets in that manner. Merrill draws her staff and assumes a fighting stance. I thought his suicide scene was handled delicately. He prefers to hide himself during the fighting, and while technically practical, the action earns the scorn of both Rider and Sola-Ui. Dean gulped, knowing well enough that the bullets from the weapon could be blocked pretty easily. He hastily covers his chest with his blanket. Between ragged breathes, Merrill pouts at a grinning Nightcrawler. If Diarmuid really appreciated Kayneth's talents and experience, then Kayneth would have treated him with a much softer attitude. "What the hell..." A bamf cackles wildly at him as it teleports them both into the air. Garrus crosses his arms and looks at the remaining three. Nightcrawler jumps and lunges forward. He would have just sent another lackey from the Mage's Association in his place. It is the prequel to Fate/stay night, but due to very small differences and inconsistencies between the two, is officially seen as part of a very slightly different timeline as any of the routes of Fate/stay night. (追跡抹殺, Track and kill?) Takashi Takeuchi thinks he is a very human character because of the ease with which he could design Kayneth and draw his expressions as he breaks down. After a short walk, Kayneth buzzes into his building. Before Dean could process what in the name of God was even going on, a thud hit the floor. “Is this the residence of Cole MacGrath?” Parcel says, frowning as she lifts the tails of her jacket out of the sludge. "For someone who kept on yapping about 'bounded fields', you don't look like you know a damn about a ward. Merrill looks up to see a faint blue arrow of mist rise from the ground. "Hear hear, to the man who got out of the sewer! Spider-Man complains as Nightcrawler appears behind him, before teleporting them both. Cfp smirks and begins to walk away. Something deep and repressed was welling up inside her, a kind of freedom that lived in her dreams. Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. "Time Alter, Doubel Accel.". “Thank you, go with my assistant and she’ll write up your payment.” Nico di Angelo huffs in a breath of air, looking over his shoulder at the squad of police chasing him. You will surrender, or face the consequences. My office hours have been cancelled today - please reach out to me over email if you have questions.”, Kayneth Archibald rubs his temples as his class leaves the room. She casts a mind blast, sending him reeling, before turning around to block a sword swing from Nightcrawler. They apparently do not get along and Sola-Ui considers Kayneth a coward for not going and attacking the opposing Masters face to face. From the wiki: From the wiki: The bullets were created from his first and second ribs on both sides being cut off, extracted from his body, ground into dust, condensed with a craft to preserve his soul, and sealed within sixty-six bullets as their core. Looking outside, he saw what was a massive courtyard, covered with a layer of snow and frost. While he was planning to summon the hero Alexander the Great, his student Waver Velvet stole the catalyst for the summoning ritual, a piece of the conqueror's cape. Anyway, I was just wondering how I happen to be from "The United Kingdom"? Parcel gives a noncommittal shrug, and they leave. Nightcrawler grabs Nico and teleports him to the roof as Cole and Merrill unleash a barrage of attacks at the kaiju. His white suit did little to hide the criminal's mischievous air, with a crooked smile that didn't reach his eyes and a head of shaggy black hair. Master I'll be through with this nonsense in time to return to my proper place in the Grail War.". You're not going anywhere, rider." "Wanna try that again?" Vibrating. He quickly retrieves his swords and attacks Cole, who raises the Amp in defense. I really needed this." Yamazaki: I bet that if we'd applied ourselves, we would've been the favorite to win the Holy Grail War. Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald To Kayneth, unable to bond with his Servant was the second most unfortunate event at the worst. Their conflicting ideological perspectiv… “Oh…” Cfp looks down at a spreadsheet, tracing his finger along its names. How do you even call yourself a magus?" The weapon slams into Azrael's face, sending him recoiling back. — Kayneth Archibald, to Kiritsugu Emiya Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald is a high ranking magus of the Mage's Association, as well as a notable professor within the Clock Tower.

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