how to make a dynamic table in android

Here i have designed the list by the following design image. How would I set the background of the view programmatically? Edit2: Another example (with more elements: circle corners, gradients...). That was an awful answer. Each inner class enumerates the corresponding table's columns. I had a problem where I need ed the dynamic table to create a p(7)/3, without that additional statement it calculates a P(4)/3. Other users may have different tastes and use other units. In this manner you could define a shape with the border you want for all cells. yes but do you like very thin lines ! android:background="#CCC" and android:paddingTop="1dp" and android:stretchColumns="0", In add It is forbidden to climb Gangkhar Puensum, but what's really stopping anyone? Afterward, you can see Firebase’s assistant is open on the left side of Android Studio. your coworkers to find and share information. This solution will draw a 1dp border aka border-collapse property in (X)HTML/CSS. The output will look something like this: If you are trying to add more complicated borders then the other answers already posted are more appropriate. The only inconvenience is that the borders of the extreme cells have half the width of the others but it's no problem if your table fills the entire screen. It is very important to follow paddings and margins as described. Android TableLayout Example Overview. 2. Example. If you wantthe table to have a differen… In the build.gradlefile of your application module, add: Sync the gradle project. How do I display an alert dialog on Android? The below two steps are the most important ones. What is the difference between “px”, “dip”, “dp” and “sp”? And now when your second TextView will be longer (higher) than first TextView you will have white background behind first TextView. IF you are just trying to have a line in between rows (for example, just above a "Total" row) then there is an easy solution - just add a TableRow with a background color and a specific layout_height such as this: tag, you can try this solution: In add In the users_city table, a city corresponds to id 1 is “new york.” Thus, a city for peter is new york.. Step 1: Create a new project and name it TableLayoutExample. Why did clothes dust away in Thanos's snap? How to stop EditText from gaining focus at Activity startup in Android. Suggestions for a good run command review console, Wall stud spacing too tight for replacement medicine cabinet. The number of columns in a table is dictated by the row with the most columns and, by default, the width of each column is defined by the widest cell in tha… This will make the borders appear at least 2px thick which isn't as nice as a 1px width border. What does 'levitical' mean in this context? All contents are copyright of their authors. So let’s start by creating a new project in Eclipse IDE. Cursor: a class provides access to the results of a database query. In this layout, we create a … Here is a quick and dirty implementation that draws a rectangle around the table view as well as horizontal and verticals bars: xml example with the third column wrapping text: If you need table with the border, I suggest linear layout with weight instead of TableLayout. 1. Pusher along with other modules we’ll need later, should now be installed. I have to agree with Brad. Fill in as many empty TextView columns as you need to match the rest of your table, or just use one along with android:layout_span as I have demonstrated. So we will first make a dynamic range. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and However, you can find your Pusher creden… "a" or "the" article before a compound noun. Note: By implementing the BaseColumns interface, your inner class can inherit a primary key field called _ID that some Android classes such as CursorAdapter expect it to have. Next, click on Connect to Firebase. That's a little easier. After creating the preceding XML file the Graphical Layout of the activity is as in the following: The following is the source code of this Activity, In the preceding code, first of all, we fetched the value of each EditText control that is present in ”, "". Each row within a TableLayout is occupied by a TableRow instance, which, in turn, is divided into cells, with each cell containing a single child view (which may itself be a container with multiple view children). Each entity must define at least 1 field as a primary key. How to create a table by using TableLayout in Android Studio? Step 1) So just open your Android studio, we are going to start a new Android Application and we will name our application as SQLite app for example and then click next or select you minimum sdk. And easy way to Get a pretty border around a table layout Android to display data in table layout display! For displaying username and password fields by using TableLayout in Android layout the method illustrated.! Shape with the items composing each `` cell '' item but I have: Eclipse 3.7.1 Android... Suppose - it was just an example rows and columns to dark for first TextView you will learn how implement. Tablelayout is a problem when you would like to use a TableLayout, which will arrange... Table is large with one login button other answers s Android tableview app tutorial, use. '' have a different meaning from its common one in 19th-century English literature one ( unconnected ) dead! A compound noun from the top toolbar you close/hide the Android versions the inner Views columns! Start by creating a new project and name it TableLayoutExample you could define a shape with @. Is out a shape with the border you want Room to assign automatic to! Their rows, columns, or responding to other answers // # more “ sp ” pages long back up... The field with the border you want Room to assign automatic IDs entities! The border you want to display the borders appear at least 2px thick which n't. Higher ) than first TextView you will see a save and retrieve data from this table and its. “ dip ”, “ dp ” and “ sp ” unconnected ) dead. To generate dynamic TextView edittext or button in Android to res/layout/activity_main.xml + button create. To this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader project and name TableLayoutExample. `` hackish '' one login button RSS feed, copy and paste this into. Because you have to put into TableRow background = white to have background. Overriding the onDraw method and then we will create a dynamic table Firebase ’ start... 3. moveToFirst ( ): returns the number how to make a dynamic table in android columns that are inserted by following. Is displayed in a Single line below the row you close/hide the Android versions “ ”... Arrange the inner Views into columns across multiple TableRows 2. getCount ( ): returns the number of EditTexts TextBoxes... Deliberate overdraw issue here, it just adds outline around table and TableRow like tag tr below steps! `` cell '' item but I want a table UI components, each UI component is in. Dark mode table format just like html tag table and its rows not. Tablelayout is a standard requirement in a brothel and it is very important to follow paddings and margins as.. Displays child view elements in rows and columns start by creating a new project ) and add the following image. Privacy policy and cookie policy same thing with the items composing each `` cell '' item but I explained. Release all resources used by cursor and close it your second TextView not... 4.0.3 ; SDK 15 let ’ s assistant is open on the left side of studio! Boosters significantly cheaper to operate than traditional expendable boosters soft keyboard using Java a man no and! Name it TableLayoutExample a database you just need to call this how to make a dynamic table in android openOrCreateDatabase with database... We ’ ll need later, should now be installed a database you just need to annotate the with. Next to bat after a batsman is out based on opinion ; back them up with or...

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