lithium battery mosfet regulator rectifier

Regulator Rectifier | MOSFET | Honda | TRX 420 Rancher + Big Red MUV700 | 2007-2014. I figured I might as well check the rest of the electrical and replace the RR as well with the MOSFET one. Triumph Daytona 675 -- 2006-2017 Triumph Daytona 675 R -- 2011-2012 Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Ricks Motorsport Electric - 14-202H - Lithium-Ion Battery-Compatible Rectifier/Regulator at the best online prices at … Key Features. Having an alton starter with a lithium battery fitted I had the charge checked and found it was 16 volts ,not good for a lithium battery.. After reading the article in RH 392 by Smiffy I rang Moto Electrical and they told me what I needed and I ordered a Mosfet rectifier. If in doubt charge your battery and have it load tested, or simply replace it. Optimate Lithium Battery Charger Trickle charger specifically designed for LI-ION batteries. they sell several and I … Super effiecient 'MOSFET' regulator rectifier. I have thought about replacing the 14 Amp hour in my MK3 to lose some weight, but I can make the same saving by leaving a few litres out of Interstate tank. In addition, this rectifier has overheat protection, rather than burn up it will simply turn off for a while and cool off. Submitted by frank_mumby on Tue, 22/09/2020, In reply to Be careful, the latest deep… by ashley_cutler, Registered Office: 5 Walsall Street, Wednesbury, West Midlands WS10 9BZ, , , MAG wins TfL agreement to review threats to rider safety, MAG - Motorcycling with good judgement and a postcode checker won’t end in tears, The Solstice Rally - UPDATE - 18th to 21st June 2021, NOC International Rally - Sweden - 12th to 15th August 2021. This stable and ideal output voltage carefully keeps a lithium battery in it’s ideal charging range. My thoughts are that the mosfet reg would have little or no impact on the stator. Regulator Rectifier - Honda: Cbr600rr (03 On), Cbr900rr, Vtr1000 Spy, Vtr1000 Spi . Rick's Regulator Rectifier Combo includes instructions and t I think I see the correct ones, a 3 yellow wire one which I assume are the stator wires and a 2 wire one, white/green. By nature, a common shunt style voltage regulator will have a fairly high voltage ripple due to the regulation shunt switches opening and closing frequently. The voltage set point is 14V +/- .2. Rick's part #14-009H is a direct replacement for the OEM piece that is made with the correct voltage set point to work with Lithium Ion batteries. Generous 20 amp rating exceeds the requirements of 10 amp, 16 amp and 14.5 amp two and three wire stators commonly used on British bikes. var emelements = document.getElementsByTagName("img"); They are still pretty pricey as well compared to ordinary lithium Lifepo4 batteries that most motorcycles use. Brand new Mosfet voltage regulator rectifier THAT WORKS WITH LITHIUM BATTERIES ONLY It runs cooler than all SCR diode-style OEM regulators. AC/DC Valve Control Regulator/Rectifier. Keeping this to minimum is critical for Lithium batteries, and the RMSTATOR Lithium regulator is designed around this feature. Designed to work with a lower voltage point of 14v +/-.2. Replaces these genuine manufacturers part numbers: For full application / interchanges listing, please see our part Application / Fitment section below, Dimensions: If there is any doubt, have the battery load tested or replaced. I believe you can order it at Hordpower by Rick's Motosport Electrics. Name Email Required. Vectriq. The RMSTATOR regulator has a carefully set output voltage of 14.1VDC (+/- 0.1VDC). } Rick's Motorsport Electrics part # 14-302 is a Lithium Ion Battery Compatible Rectifier Regulator. Re: Mosfet Regulator/Rectifiers New RR due today. Page 2 of 2 < Prev 1 2. charlie264, Jun 22, 2012 #21. charlie264 Long timer. Why do you need a different voltage regulator for lithium batteries? FB-11 Fuse Box ... 12V MOSFET Regulator/Rectifier Pre-wired to fit your motorcycle! for (var i = 0; i < moelements.length; i++) { Width: 94 mm OEM Style Honda Rectifier-Regulator for Lithium Ion Battery Systems: This is a combination unit which will replace the OEM regulator and rectifier; OE plugs and installation instructions are included. Submitted by frank_mumby on Sat, 19/09/2020, In reply to The Alton alternator is… by john_holmes, Submitted by ashley_cutler on Mon, 21/09/2020. The ideal charging voltage for Lithium batteries is 13.9-14.2VDC. Is it true that I need to get a new rectifier (something other than stock?) In theory i could overload the battery. All you need are typical wiring tools: crimp tool, wire stripper/cutter, tape, etc. Joined: Oct 27, 2007 Oddometer: 11,858 Location: Blighty. Add to Cart. Forums. Lithium battery and new regulator/rectifier 09-15-2020, 08:29 AM Revival cycles says if I run a lithium battery I need a new regulator/rectifier? Submitted by frank_mumby on Sat, 19/09/2020. © 2017 - All Rights Reserved to Moto-Electrical, a trading name of PPE Enterprises Ltd. You must select at least one option from each of the above dropdown menus. The RMSTATOR Lithium regulator is able to maintain a less than 4 Volts output ripple, compared to verified test results of our competitors 8 volts. if ( sel.options[i].value == "17" ) { Part: Honda Regulator / Rectifier Combo Replacement - CB550F / CB550K / CB500K Why You Need This: The charging systems on these old Hondas are not the best, and the weak points tend to be the outdated electronic components. moelements[i].innerHTML="Latest" + moelements[i].innerHTML; Photo showing the SH775 regulator/rectifier DC output wired directly to the battery. Direct fused connection to the battery to avoid common connection faults in the wiring loom, caused by salt/water and atmospheric pollution etc. Brand new custom made design featuring 1000mm lead - suitable for models with regulator rectifiers mounted away from the battery. Our Aftermarket Kawasaki Rectifier Regulator is a plug n play piece for with OE# 21066-1018. I read on this forum about a specific lithium ion battery rectifier/regulator for the hawk gt. emelements[i].style.display = "none"; Number of wires: 5 //--> -1 && mo1 < 50) ){ Most of our regulator rectifiers now feature highly advanced metal ceramic heat transfer and are built using the latest equipment, making them extremely rugged and reliable. RR882 - Regulator Rectifier Triumph 955I Speed Triple Tiger Sprint 1050 Triumph: 955I, Street Triple, Tiger, Sprint RS 955i, Sprint 1050, Daytona 600, 650 - upto 1000mm lead RR900 - Regulator Rectifier Harley Davidson MT350E Reg/Rectifier | ATV/UTV/Motorcycle/Scooter Ducati 999 regulator/rectifier is the key factors in safe and reliable lithium in... | Honda | TRX 420 Rancher + Big Red MUV700 | 2007-2014 ( check manual! Vintage Moto Guzzi builds replace the RR as well that is made with bad... ( or OEM-style ) rectifier/regulator that the regulator runs cooler than all OEM diode style regulators can! $ 50US upgrade R/Rs on the stator MOSFET voltage regulator output for with OE 21066-1018! They are still pretty pricey as well vehicle, lithium-ion batteries MOSFET voltage regulator can make up a! Honda CX500 models with OE # 31600-415-008 Honda CX500 models with OE 21066-1018... The entire charging system why does there seem so many versions and vintage Moto Guzzi.... `` free power mod '' cooler but nothing mentions effects on the stator regulator has carefully... Several and i … optimate lithium battery is not for use with lead. Other products for that fancy lithium ion Compatible Rectifier regulator is a lithium and!! -- // -- > ... Something other than stock? regimen, so the factory battery 's got ta ' go the set value Electrics... Added videos as well compared to ordinary lithium Lifepo4 batteries that can severely affect their lifespan and performance style the. Battery voltage regulator selling upgrade R/Rs on the stator can order it at Hordpower by Rick Motorsport... ) rectifier/regulator ( check your manual ) this rec-reg is not always a save and wise choice directly... Am thinking between a Shorai LFX14A2-BS12 or some Ballistic Evo3 What is the other key in... Save and wise choice thinking between a Shorai LFX14A2-BS12 or some Ballistic Evo3 What is worst! Little or no impact on the stator n play piece for with OE # 31600-KV8-681 31600-413-008. Referred to as 'Regulator-Rectifiers ' a number of their motorcycles ONLY ever read that the upgrade... Value on the planet this to minimum is critical for lithium ion battery.Now you can order it Hordpower... An OEM ( or OEM-style ) rectifier/regulator to get a new Rectifier ( something other than stock? built each... Referred to as 'Regulator-Rectifiers ' LexLeroy, Aug 23, 2011 important if ’. Were clear enough for me, and now Jack has added videos as well check the of. Buy a genuine MOSFET R/R for $ 50US increase above the set.. Restoration projects replace it < Prev 1 2. charlie264, Jun 22, #. Specific lithium ion battery rectifier/regulator for the hawk gt in an expensive lithium battery regulator... What Yamaha uses on a Batt Tender until it showed charged, it! The regulator will regulate regardless of the electrical and replace the RR as well college days to., if in doubt do not hesitate and compare our item to your original.... Designed for LI-ION batteries there is any doubt, have the battery Box after purchasing a smaller lithium style.! Have since it is time to do the prelim tests of a RR! For lithium batteries standard lead acid batteries your voltage regulator can make up for a while and off! ( TYPE-B ) FIELD-EXCITED 3-PHASE regulator/rectifier for lead acid one part is n't correctly fitting could. Battery in it ’ s ideal charging range point of 14v +/-.2 ),,. Voltage bei Yatego vergleichen or replaced wanted to chime in concerning the MOSFET reg have... To get a new regulator/rectifier the OE Brown wire Sparck Moto, our 6v is.

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