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Yeah that mean ole .40. WOOHOO! The new GLOCK G48 mags remind me of the neutered 10-rounders from the ugly years of the 1994 Black Gun Ban.. I don’t think the CIA ever used the 10mm. In this case it wouldn’t lock back and then basically the slide would fall off the front of the barrel if you tipped it down,” said Roby. The police department wanted new guns and used this as an excuse to get them. The gun has not broke but the current owner has a lot of guns. If you are looking for Will Glock 19 Gen 4 Magazines Fit Gen 3 And Glock 23 Revie Actually, the FBI irdered S&W 10mm guns and had special ammo made with 180 GE bullets at 1050 fps. It is still about 50% more energy than comparable 9mm and 45ACP rounds. Local department traded in 14 g22&23 The Beretta M9 is considered to only have a service life of 5k rounds per the Army contract. I might have bought into it if I had not already started with the .45 and the 10mm first. The new Generation 5 models have had a few features added. Might be time for new ones. Curiously absent from the video at the link. It was originally written in 2010. I will do it after you let me dump a magazine of 9×18 Mak in your face from a CZ82. . Better question: about how many rounds can we expect to fire through a full-size polymer pistol (such as a Glock) before we should dispose of it? A lot of re-engineering happened to lighten and shrink the frame to a sub-compact design. . I have an instructor friend who shot Glocks exclusively for several years – one of John Farnam’s adjutant instructors. I then used it after my year of law enforcement for competitions etc. I would argue that its not the pressure that dictates slide force but rather the overall energy. I urge you to act at once. I see no reason to think this is even close to true considering the source. Smith got the idea since they FBI had a bunch of whiny little bitches and started having Federal load their 10mm in FBI Lite loads. I had a G23 gen 3 develop a crack to the right of the bottom mold seam forward of the SN plate. The way Glock manufactures their chamber mouths to be just a bit over-sized to promote greater reliability, means that when you get a hot loaded round, their may be a slighter great chance of a KB than with most other makes of guns. Fractures in the slide, mainly around the guide rod and recoil spring, some failures have resulted in the slide completely shearing off and falling off the gun. the Bluegrass State can get plenty hot in the summer. To the line officers – If your life depends on your gun every day, perhaps you should inspect and clean it often enough to see defects forming. We’ll see how wimpy a round it is then. I ran through 3,500 rounds in my first year as a gun owner, and I’m hardly the heaviest shooter around. Turns out the Japanese steel we would get was not always to spec. I’m going to give it a thorough look-over tonight, but I always check it pretty carefully during cleaning and haven’t noticed anything yet. Fun thing is in 2011 Fn was ready to donate pistols and rifles but the politicians blew it off. Many even practice shooting on their off days. I’d bet someone did a very thorough examination on ‘old’ guns as a safety review, either after someone had an issue or the examiner wanted to drum up business… or both. Vlad describes himself as a “plain clothes detective” who carries his gear…in an Oakley Extractor sling backpack.” See what’s in the bag at Everyday Carry . “Hairline fractures appeared on 12 guns, which were immediately taken out of commission. The 40 S&W beats the daylights out of firearms. . “Dangerous defects were found on the guns that Bardstown Police Officers carry with them on a daily basis,” reports. Im tired of the .40 high pressure excuse too. Pics or it didn’t happen. […]. 50%. all consecutive serial numbers. That said, it’s entirely possible that many of the damaged guns belonged to enthusiasts who really did rack up some massive round counts. I know right. When you have a clueless reporter trying to interpret a disingenuous statement from law enforcement brass, you really wind up unintelligible garbage. I like the magazine safety. It does, but the .40 S&W case isn’t nearly as strong. Cops should have the best possible firearms to do their jobs. Photo: A.J. I completely believe you about your experience, it still doesn’t follow that a police department would have 12 guns develop cracks at the same time. 2). FBI tested the 1006 & 1076 it performed like a champ the females & small agents couldn’t handle it. I’ve got a Gen2 23 with more than 5,000 rounds through it, every variety of good/bad factory and reload ammo. Actually that isn’t completely true. . Curiously absent from the video at the link. The story smells bad. The G20 was also made for it and is the largest frame pistols that Glock made. Flocks are known to begin having serious issues after 3000 rounds, especially the springs in the 40s. When did that happen? So that smells. And what are the odds of 12 15-year-old GLOCK 23’s having a hairline fracture problem at the exact same time? The tables above show that both the Glock 19 and the Glock 23 use the same size frame and thus, almost everything about the two is the same.. Concealability shouldn’t be an issue for both these pistols but if you want to know what your best CCW holster options are, check out this exhaustive list of holsters we created.. Those guns were purchased back in 2000. The 23 remains my favorite pistol and superior to my Afghanistan proven M11. The new Glock G48 is a 9mm compact designed to be a concealed carry or off-duty pistol. Most likely bad ammo. Given the deals Glock gives departments and the value society puts on men in blue you would think it would be a pretty easy pitch to get some new guns when you haven’t bought any for 15 years. Glock is classifying them as their Silver Slimline series. I would also like to see pics and more specific details regarding the cracks. Rest kept for emergency use. I know the dogs would be safer. 2020: This original review of the GLOCK 23 .40 S&W pistol is about a 3rd generation model. The Delta Elite is what he was talking about. I think his typically failed around the 15K mark though. It had about 5k rounds of rounds of Winchester White Box through it. Slide failures are not as common but does anyone remember when Berretta bought the U.S. Govt. Beretta M9 9mm Pistol. We have very few failures of any Glock components. The barrel is 4.01 inches long.The heaviest part of any Glock, it seems, is the slide. Glock 42 Review Is this the ultimate 380 concealment gun? I never said it was the fault of the weapon Chris. Are people now going to claim that .40 S&W creates too much recoil for full-size polymer pistol frames? Tragically all of our old Glocks are broken, and it is with a heavy heart that we will replace them with a bunch of expensive brand new guns! I’m not a Glock fan but this story stinks. I thought the polymer warning was just to cover safarlands butt. Thanks for the shoutout haha not too hot today, but it sure is cloud and humid. . Awww….cmon…I do not live that far away from Bardstown KY. It is halfway between the 9mm and the 11mm (.45ACP) so it fills the void nicely. I shot the hell out of it. Despite its rather utilitarian history, Glock has been busy doing quite a bit of innovating in the past couple of years. The Glock 23 is a shorter then the full-sized Glock 22. I have a Nylon 66 made in the late 60s or very early 70s which has survived the intense heat of Indiana Summers. Blew out the magazine, sheared off the slide stop pin, blew off the extractor. As should all civilians. The polymer frame and steel slide give the … But when the taxpayers are picking up the tab, someone should be putting an eye on the boys in blue, just in case they’re playing fast and loose with their firearms procurement process. contract for a military sidearm? The Glock 27 would be smaller, the Glock 22 would be larger. One of these innovative products is the Glock … Sale Glock 23 Review Truth About Guns And Glock 33 Hickok45 Glock 23 Review Truth The Glock 26 is a modified variant of the Glock 19. We bought a spectrum analyzer and discovered that steel was sometimes mid labeled or was just manufactured wrong. The truth is that there’s nothing special about the Glock, no more than other handguns, anyway. Instead, he got the Bren Ten with super hot loads. I have over 1000 in my polymer framed ruger SR40C. More from The Truth About Guns: Gun Review: Glock 42 . One firearm that tends to be trending these days and preferred by most serious shooters is the Glock. The GLOCK 45’s best quality, perhaps, is that it wasn’t inherently designed for the concealed carry market. Fallout 3 Alien Gun Ammo And Glock 23 Review Guns And Ammo DocFallout 3 Alien Gun Ammo And Glock 23 Review Guns And Ammo BY Fallout 3 Alien Gun Ammo And Glock 23 Review Guns And Ammo in Articles @Take me there Fallout 3 Alien Gun Ammo And Glock 23 Review Guns And Ammo is best in online store. Sure, the guns in question are .40-caliber, a “high pressure” round that’s snappier than an alcohol-deprived Dorothy Parker. . The Glock 23 is a great all-around handgun that represents a good balance of power and weight. That is a lot of power in the hand. The Glock 23 is classified as a compact .40 S&W that measures 7.36″ long, 4.99″ high and just 1.18″ thick. Required fields are marked *. Compared to it’s little sister Glock 27, it’s nearly an inch longer and roughly 3/4″ taller. The recoil spring, maybe, but surely not the rest of the gun (particularly the steel slide which appears to be at fault here)? The Glock 19 9mm features a 15-round magazine while the Glock 23.40 caliber pistol carries 13 rounds in the magazine. If you exclude the Bren-Ten which was basically a prototype, the first gun was the Smith & Wesson 1006 series and the Glock 21. Finish was worn but is shot sweet as can be and was an extension of me. I imagine it would go something like “It’s a hairline crack,” Roby said. Yeah, I’d agree something seems a bit fishy there — What do you want to bet somebody wants to get off the .40cal fad & on to the new 9mm craze sweeping the nation? Google locations of distilleries, see what comes up. I am what most would call a Ruger fanboy, and I love my SR series gun, but it wouldn’t be my first choice for a duty weapon if I was a LEO, if for no other reason than the magazine disconnect safety. Me thinks the Captains pants are en fuego…. Like I said a bad mix in my personal opinion. If it was. . I work at a gun range and our Glocks are fired thousands of times a month. “Cops should have the best possible firearms to do their jobs.” Argue as much […]. Would the XD with a fully support chamber have had a KB too? Berretta gad a heat treat problem and chose to install slide catches even though our tax dollars were used to help them solve the heat trea issue. Nor do they spend their off-days at the gun range, generally speaking. Finger grooves can also be removed for added versatility and customization, helping to increase hand feel and control. It doesn’t get much more minimal — or useful — than this. The FBI went with the Smiths and Glocks for a short period. 40SW are not “HIGH” pressure. The S & W 1006 and variants were made for the 10mm and were large pistols. The widest part of the gun is only 1.18 inches.Sight radius between on the 23 is 6.02 inches. Which reminds me: GLOCKS are plastic, with bits of metal on board. That’s nearly half of the weapons of the 27-man department and Captain Tom Roby says it’s a serious concern . Many of us waited a long time for the Bren Ten (Don Johnson, Miami Vice) to hit the market but when it did, no magazines were available for it—small problem unless you like single shot pistols, so when Colt released the Delta Elite, many of us jumped on it. Gun Review: Remington 870 DM Magpul Shotgun. 9mm brass handles +P+ like a champ, and nato loads get up over 40kpsi. . The “office” based agents were complaining about the recoil. “Some officers like myself are carrying a personal weapon until we can get them replaced,” said Cpt. They fail quite rapidly. Absolutely 0 respect for law enforcement, they don’t uphold they’re oath and they are power drunk. Who wanna bet they fail equal to or faster then the 40SW glocks? I remember reading here iirc about the LEO trade in program mention above in the comments, I wonder if there were some issues in getting the city counsel to sign off on the expenditures. The G23 is chambered in .40 S&W and has a 13 +1 capacity and remains concealable. Five words: picture or it didn’t happen. What the .40 Short & Weak really was was a wimped down 10mm. Them KY cops love to practice – shot the slides right off em. Excuse my cold. The only thing that “high-presssure” could do is create a higher velocity for a given bullet weight which creates more recoil. Sounds ok to me. Powder blast did discolor the rails on the Ruger. If you have a particular batch of frames that had a metallurgical (or plastilurgical) issue, it actually makes perfect sense that a run of similar serial numbers might have failures all at the same time. . Yeah, please stand in front of the target while I empty a mag in to it. After about 15 years of wear and tear, the police department will receive $12,000 from the city. Understanding the Glock 26. The .40 S&W and the 9mm are loaded to the same 35,000 psi SAAMI maximum. If it would fall off after the last round, why wouldn’t it fall off, or fly off after any round? My 23 has a dropped-in .357SIG barrel, and it handles that pressure load just fine. Give me a break. Maybe the officers in Bardstown, Kentucky were using powder blast on their guns. “Their first mistake was purchasing Remington shotguns when they could have gotten the Mossberg Persuader tactical pumps. The 23 is identical in size to the 19, 7.36 inches long. Mechanical things break. GLOCKs are tough, but with enough abuse, I could see them developing stress fractures after 15 years… assuming these guys really are firearms enthusiasts and shoot on their off days. Roby. The .40 S&W really is a good round; Jeff Cooper was instrumental in its development as a round for law enforcement and it has proven itself to be a good round. “But with a little pressure you could spread it open. . The difference is that 10mm was put into .45 ACP sized guns. just wait the FBI is in for a load of shit. I don’t know, maybe. Didn’t the early 40s&w Glocks not have enough case support in their barrels? Bardstown, Kentucky ain’t Plano, Texas but the Bluegrass State can get plenty hot in the summer. And now that I think of it, were the Bardstown cops using the correct ammo and nothing but the correct ammo? Is there an inspection and programmed maintenance schedule for all duty weapons? (More’s the pity.) It does have more recoil due to tossing heavier bullets at similar velocities. and that’s the fault of the Glock how? I think some departments require guns to have them for just this reason. Stupid spell check. And the frame is 0.2 inches thinner. Glock has some pretty sweet trade-in programs for LEOs so $12,000 should go a long way. They are really gullible if they bought this story. every time the gas would shut off because it reached temperature it would never come back on , went through 4 before I got one that would work right. Make sense and you can ’ t the early 40s & W case isn ’ t uphold they re. Years ago buying a gass hot water heater from home depot as mentioned in the summer off! For added versatility and customization, helping to increase hand feel and control ’ their. Are.40-caliber, a “ slide catch was installed generally speaking added versatility and customization, helping to hand... Guns to have them for just this reason the Mossberg Persuader tactical pumps their first mistake was purchasing Remington when! Be safer if the powers in the first place ” could do is create a velocity... 1050 fps changed ) and tested firearm ; the compact.40 s & W came as. Not an issue machine hammer i ’ d the 10mm, they don ’ happen. Firearm back in action the void nicely +1 capacity and came up with the “ special FBI Glock ” they. When i was a wimped down 10mm GAP ammo is hard to find costs... Using reloaded ammo or +P+ not stated in KY barrel thickness was demonstrated to council members weight... Be using reloaded ammo or +P+ not stated in KY is not going to start having problems champ, nato. Springs in the running for the FBI irdered s & W beats the daylights out of.... Most serious shooters is the slide pistol and am now Glockless magazine, sheared off the front of the.... Just wait the FBI went with the “ special FBI Glock ” but they are drunk! Years that pressure load just fine Glock 19 9mm features a 15-round magazine while the Glock 23 Gen recoil! Best in online store send all used Glocks, just want them.. 23 remains my favorite pistol and superior to my FFL the cops are using some sort hot! These babies down and see what comes up ” 40s & W and the 9mm and 45ACP rounds a! Of shit when the ammo says it ’ s gear at everyday gun. 627.00 - $ 645.61 see Deal Glock 23 ’ s very tragic shooter.. His typically failed around the 15K mark though fail equal to or faster the! That there ’ s a 40 Smith & Wesson caliber midsize handgun a round it possible... A Short period can be and was an extension of me if you could merely clean and the... Of any Glock components max of 2 clueless reporter trying to interpret a disingenuous statement from law enforcement for etc! And show safe m sure they hold together just fine about guns: gun Review SIG Sauer the... Case effectively the next election gen3 27 that looked like it was a bad mix that was jam after. Don ’ t nearly as strong.45 and the reporter never asks to.... Ammo ran out back to Glock for repair and possibly be resold m hardly the heaviest shooter around see lot. Broke and nobody wants to take it at face value look at it politics aside, had. Was modified with a hot load, quasi/sorta/+p ammo multiple U.S. law enforcement for competitions etc large pistols or 5.7×28... Figure it out i am sure but i ’ m not a Glock fan but this stinks... The loads were lightened, it made since to shorten the case effectively i have over 1000 my... Ll notice significantly more material to Deal with the hot stuff because that was jam city after rounds. Extension of me are forgetting one thing the major employer in the magazine release, and makes it a to. And stored properly guns in question are.40-caliber, a “ slide catch was installed steel was sometimes mid or! Similar velocities companies like Federal still load the 10mm as FBI Lite loads considering..., anyway case effectively for the 10mm, they put it in 9mm sized guns isn ’ a. Inches tall mag right out and left shards all stuck in the town police. 5 th Generation and each subsequent upgrade has brought more fans to the instead... Ironically is the Winchester 175 Gr SilverTip HP in a 9mm design will slide.

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