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http://imgur.com/kruAgsG, Something to note here is that you find the Genji Gloves at her navel. This is represented by all the obstacles that can push you off your platform. The soul of the star is in the crystal. The two pillars framing the exit, are unlike any other pillars seen in Pitioss. After multiple play throughs, we’ve noticed sometimes as you approach Ifrit’s statue the first time, the OST Overworld Music, “Wanderlust” track begins to play. "When I asked, Tabata shot down that one bonkers theory about Pitioss Ruins’ story, adding that there are aspects of Final Fantasy XV’s background lore that will be explained in future downloadable content. Do you see it?? It fits the tone of FFXV perfectly. It is widely believed that Episode Gladio involves going in to the Underworld. Burning her on the Pyre spread the star scourge into the air, but it was a necessary evil. http://imgur.com/7CgU5YF. Original theory by husband & wife team, Perona77. It will be interesting to see what happens with Episode Gladio, if he truly does enter the Underworld through Taelpar Crag…then this would only further prove what we are writing here. Keltainentoukokuu ( talk ) 00:54, September 8, 2017 (UTC) He actually said the opposite in an interview that came out today; that the Ifrit theory isn't correct and that they might explain the … Most all of them have a common theme: A blue choker to increase HP recovery, Safety Bit to protect from sudden death, Silver Bangle to increase HP, a Megalixer to restore full health. I have fallen into the rabbit hole of deep dives into Final Fantasy XV lore and I don’t think I’ll ever escape. How appropriate is Chapter 0 now?! The steel beam leads to a small tunnel, finally, they are able to ascend. SUMMARY: We want to thank everyone who previously read and enjoyed our Pitioss Ruins: Revelations theory. Eos’ soul is in the crystal. http://imgur.com/k6yRZY8. http://imgur.com/hxgqEhd, Huh. But somehow, this still isn’t quite enough…. http://imgur.com/lJLKOFp. Upon being defeated, Karlobos creates a whirlpool that sucks Ifrit into the river. http://imgur.com/P3362KR. Both families are key to bringing about the Dawn. Noctis even groans here. Ifrit needs this place to pass the test of time, an actual train would be difficult to maintain. Garnets can be associated with fire. The first room players can enter is full of moving spikes and platforms. Once Noctis hits this switch he says “This’ll work”! They want every trace of the original Eos to be erased, and if her bloodline can’t do it, then fuck the planet, enjoy your eternal night. Notice that his statue seems to have smashed through a steel beam that runs the length of room…more imagery that he has smashed through something. The dungeon's design is dominated by glowing orange spikes, numerous statues of unknown figures, and in its deepest chamber, a giant stone statue of a woman holding a sword over her head; the identities of the figures are unknown, but the giant statue of the woman appears to be the focal point of the ruins, being found in their deepest point before the player begins their return to the surface. We realized that if the statues, puzzles, and events in Pitioss are symbolic…then the items strewn about the dungeon and details on objects must be as well. Could she have fallen in love with a human, and become pregnant? Don’t forget Doomtrain is in Amano’s Big Bang art. http://imgur.com/daYGUAz, We know Gladio leaves the party at Cape Caem. In our original Pitioss: A Tale of Love & Despair post, several commenters pointed out holes in our theory that we kind of agreed with. The article made it seem like the whole theory was debunked, however, we contacted the author of the Kotaku article and based on his response the only part that was debunked was the fact that Ifrit loved Eos. The spinning wheels represent his struggle to stay at the surface as he’s still being drug down the river. We have all been as blind as Ignis up to this point. http://kotaku.com/a-wild-theory-about-final-fantasy-xvs-secret-dungeon-1792490713. From Ifrit’s point of view, he knows that he is on the final legs of his ascent with Eos. You can see Eos’s statue clearly at just one point while in this room. Author of Blood, Sweat, and Pixels. A few other items found on your way out are: Warm Inners (Reduces DMG from ICE), Insulated Inners (Reduces DMG from Lightning), and 2 Behemoth Horns (Bahamut is the Arabic word for Behemoth). The way to continue your path is to literally jump into the planet from the top, as if you’re falling into the planet, past lava, through the hole Ifrit made. The last thing the other Astrals would want to do is touch Star Scourge. This can be evidenced by the building materials ALL OVER this dungeon, represented through items like rusty bits, chrome bits, metal scraps, building stones….Ifrit had a specific reason for this location…but we will get to that at the end. It still applies. After the heroes defeat Karlobos, he creates a whirlpool that wrecks their ship. And then FINALLY, the reason Ifrit has trekked through absolute hell & faced so many dangers is before him. http://imgur.com/KWiH8JW. Moving Spike Wall of Death¶ That is certainly a large and dangerous obstacle here in this room that you will need to constantly watch at the… That’s good news for Final Fantasy purists who rejected the Pitioss Ruins theory from the get-go, even as it persisted within the fandom. Let’s move on…we head through the now open door, and the music changes to dungeon music and a notice of officially entering Pitioss Ruins pops up…as if saying you weren't in it before. UPDATE 2/16: Check out youtuber Caelum Rabanastre XII/XV's video where he uses the Flying Armiger out of bounds glitch to fly around and IN the Rock of Ravatogh! Maybe someone else could piece this part together. That is why he has burns on half of his body. Her burning, crystalized heart was still that hot! Thanks to everyone who took the time to read this theory, we hope that it at least inspired you to look at FFXV a little differently. My god…how tragic is this?!? This is why it can restore the Dawn. The Hexatheon don’t speak of him, there’s no lore in game, all we know is he is “The Betrayer”. The cage represents that he is either imprisoned, locked in thought, or that he is alone in his way of thinking & morals. We did want to make it clear that we are the original creators of this theory. The game doesn’t try to explain why Pitioss Ruins exists, what any of the surreal statues and passageways mean, or why you have to jump your way through a giant demonic wall en route to uncovering the dungeon’s secrets. They most likely believed that nothing was wrong, and Eos would be fine in her prison of utter darkness, continuing the cycle of Dawn for all eternity. On the precipice there’s one final trial of a wall of lava on each side. Either way, it’s clear an attack didn’t occur, most likely because Ifrit and Eos are literally oozing Star Scourge . Right after this hall of chaos, the player’s perspective radically changes & a new somber song begins to play. This is all seems very random…but it’s not, there is a tale being old here. Pitioss is one of the more unique dungeons in Final Fantasy 15. Pitioss Ruins – Final Fantasy XV There are quite a few dungeons to explore in Final Fantasy XV, many of which the story doesn’t actually take … There’s cave outcroppings, even. Shiva calls Ifrit “Pyreburner”. From this point on we only move up, Ifrit has started to make his way back. Just as we exit, we find the Black Hood...Eos died just as she was brought back into the sunlight...she was able to see the day one final time after her eternity of torment. They glow with the same red lights we see when an Iron Giant spawns. Ifrit goes as far as to side with and aid Ardyn , slowing the plans of the other Astrals for centuries. There’s a giant hole in the globe that you have to jump through to reach the center of the globe…all while dodging fiery spikes (could this represent lava?). He is dying!! Real. He wants to lay his tale out in a very visual & symbolic way, down to the last detail. Doomtrain literally rolls up to the perch, and it is inserted in to his chin, just where the bottom of his tongue would be! Not the Lucian Kings, not The Oracles, and certainly not the other Astrals! That being said, we're really not sure how much was debunked so take this theory with a grain of salt and enjoy it for what it is, a theory! Include crossovers; Exclude crossovers; Show only crossovers; Completion Status. SO….the first Meteor is the one that is holding Titan down at the Disc of Cauthess. And the other twin’s line led to the Nox Fleuret family. So we turned to the only interaction we have with Ifrit in the entire game, the battle at the Citadel, hoping for SOMETHING. This is the realm of the dead, the point of no return. Inside the globe itself we noticed something crazy! Ifrit then continued to oppose the other Astrals plans to have the Lucian line purify the Crystal. But no. What Ifrit sees before him, is not what he was expecting...there is something horribly wrong with Eos. Lore See also: Story within Pitioss Ruins Chapter 1: An Idea. We then jump out of the side of the building. ". This explains the heavy use of symbolism throughout Pitioss Ruins. Regardless, this is the last leg of Ifrit’s journey out of the Underworld. Doomtrain/Charon ferries the souls of the dead to the Underworld. Hmm…who else acts like this? Why else make her visible at key points throughout Pitioss? This lines up with Tabata’s comments during the FEB 2nd ATR that a “certain” developer wanted to put a floating head of Ramuh in Pitioss. In particular, we couldn’t find a placing for for Tiamat & Kraken. Past the statue of Ifrit, the only path forward is random, twisted steel beams. http://imgur.com/E74VkbZ, We are positive that while Ifrit originally enters the Underworld in Lestallum, he exits the Underworld somewhere in Taelpar Crag. And boy, did we find something! See the veins sticking out? I only just completed the Pitioss Ruins last night and was amazed at how unique the dungeon was. The story in Pitioss, as said in our last post is a tale told through symbolism. We want to make note of this now because this pertains to the entirety of Pitioss. http://imgur.com/SUBh6ly, Ifrit isn’t in the Underworld yet, rather deep inside the planet Eos, approaching the Door to the Underworld. In Final Fantasy Peasant’s Youtube video about our original Pitioss theory, he made a connection that we did not about the Genji Gloves. Don’t worry fam, we got you. “A dead flame must burn no more”…Why is he a dead flame?? In FF8 Marlboro Tentacles are a key ingredient to finishing the quest to obtain the Doomtrain summon…also, this door is odd, it is spinning. Ifrit is forced to stand and balance on top of his log as he floats down a river of fire. At the cost of his life, at the cost of becoming a Betrayer, at the cost of spreading star scourge unto the world. Hope to see you there! It's Eos' heart! http://imgur.com/heCxGFo, This is a blind run towards the surface! I spent 4 hours in here the 1st time and it was mind boggling. Check out FFPeasant's video where he discusses the Pitioss theory & other things, including the confirmation rumors: https://youtu.be/WPXQPuSTqjQ. It will be accessible to you once you obtain the Regalia Type-F and get back to the open world exploring. His true love, Eos, Goddess of the Dawn. There is a ruby bracelet right where your player stands to see her. The answer is Star Scourge. Remember, only the first 15 minutes of Episode Gladio is out. (At this point, we originally thought that Eos was dead at this part of the tale. Ifrit truly went to the depths of the planet. But no. He is still stuck in a mighty river rapid represented by the player spinning as they stand on the top of the spinning pillars. You can’t have light without dark. From here on out, Solheim only has minor things built, such as hallways or the general shape of the rooms. We were convinced that this tale HAD to be true. There is nothing in this room of chaos that looks like people from Solheim built. Only those who could pay the fare with coins placed under their tongues are granted passage. It’s such a weird part of the game, isn’t it??? Moment, or a sudden idea involving the use of a Meteor. http://imgur.com/wqyhnL3, (Oh look…Noctis is riding on the back of Doomtrain…towards his death…). He could have just written a book & hidden it somewhere. It’s pure malice that they put this on humans. Compare pictures of his face from the first three Ifrit statues: http://imgur.com/lnlyxQo, Now take a close look at his current face vs the figure carrying Eos’s corpse in Amano’s Big Bang art: http://imgur.com/JLxTmOc. Burning her on the Pyre spread the star scourge into the air, but it was a necessary evil. It’s as if the hand is saying “Tickets, please”! Anytime the player sees a healing item, it represents a time Ifrit used it to heal himself. The sun is a star. It has turned the game as we knew it upside down. … He wants to lay his tale out in a very visual & symbolic way, down to the last detail. No enemies inside the dungeon. Don't read if you haven't completed FFXV. Pitioss Ruins tells the tale of how this came to be. With that said, here's some food for thought: http://imgur.com/Xg6b99j We want to change our original statement that this is Eos’s actual corpse from our previous Pitioss theory post. From here on out, whenever the player hits a switch, it represents an action being taken. This part is jarring & scary. The new paragraph is properly signaled for better readability.] The red lighting signifies battle. Or you could take it as that it is going down his throat, he’s eating it. Pitioss talk starts @ 9:30: https://twitter.com/RayChase/status/832130388268969984 Huge THANK YOU to reddit user /u/katerpii for bringing this to our attention! When you arrive at the cave to photograph it for Vyv.…there’s an item nearby. And all that remains are her fossilized wing, and his crystalized horns, still visible from atop The Rock of Ravatogh to this day. :) You made our day! At the end of this room the player slides down a steep slope. The theory suggests that Eos isn’t just the name of the world but a goddess who was another Astral. It’s a cavern. They resemble pillars you would see in a grand train station. When the player enters the room, seeing Doomtrain for the first time, there is a long perch with a chrome bit on it. Pitioss Ruins Theory (9) Angst (3) Fix-It (3) Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (3) Fluff (2) Death (2) Alternate Universe (2) Time Loop (2) Spoilers (2) Happy Ending (2) Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. Pitioss Ruins; REVELATIONS. http://imgur.com/25AG2hq. Ifrit is crafting spells with these items throughout his journey to help himself progress. UPDATE 3/11: Pitioss: Ruins theory partially CONFIRMED!! It’s fantastic. Seriously though, screw the guy who decided to put a precision platforming dungeon into a game with such mushy, imprecise controls. Ying & Yang. Everything started clicking in to place for me after reading this… Pitioss Ruins is literally…the Pit of Eos. Pitioss’ Ruins: my experience + talking a bit about the theory [SPOILER ALERT! In their eyes, all they see is Ifrit coming forth from the Underworld with the Punished One, festering with Star Scourge. He was amused when I told him they should add more platformer dungeons to the game. The story that follows next through symbolism & hints is the climax. His hair is charred off. THANK YOU to reddit user /u/PenguinSunday for pointing out that in this final room as you land in the circle of lava and hit the switch to open the door to Doomtrain's room, the music changes from What Lies Within (normal dungeon music) to Disquiet (the music that played during Noctis's nightmare) after you hit the switch. Paying attention to even the smallest of details in Pitioss truly opened the story to us in a completely new way. http://imgur.com/OLj564Z. Let’s take a closer look at it…. This exit point, must be the “entrance” in Taelpar Crag that Gladio will use in Episode Gladio. It fits the tone of FFXV perfectly. At the end of this room, before jumping through the last door, we pass through two small halls that highly resemble the exit terminal of a train station. What a stunning detail that so many people seem to miss! Of note inside the cage area we find a Blood sword in the corner, and a Garnet Bracelet literally inside of Ifrit’s hand. Check out Ray Chase's (Noctis's VA) Periscope session where he & Matt Furda (Translation / Localization SQEX Employee) discuss the theory. This explains the heavy use of symbolism throughout Pitioss Ruins. There’s a spike wall that you can barely squeeze past. Let’s look at Ifrit during the Citadel battle. http://kotaku.com/a-wild-theory-about-final-fantasy-xvs-secret-dungeon-1792490713, https://twitter.com/RayChase/status/832130388268969984, /r/FFXV/comments/5rwru8/pitioss_ruins_a_tale_of_love_despair/. An interesting patina that looks like earth crust or perhaps an old, yellowed map this isn... Only to find her chained and... not herself…It ’ s point of no return embracing her & quickly. No longer be “ her ” for passage on Doomtrain wall that you can squeeze! Our last post is a step in the main hall of chaos that like! Brother Izunia whole room begins to spin oozing, desperate scratch marks all over wall. This maze adds depth of space & time, which Ifrit has to! Being told in this maze adds depth of space & time to float or on... Your stomach when you realize you ’ re in very real danger doors open forcefully, climbing tunnels... Hand is saying “ Tickets, please ” fire, emotional, and the theory...: “ the true story of Ifrit’s love for the Goddess Eos days ago, I a! A placing for for Tiamat & Kraken the eyes of the path, we got.! Only path forward is random, twisted steel beams they glow with the same red lights we it., it isn ’ t worry fam, we get one last question remains… if all wanted!??????????????????... Of love believe Ifrit goes berserk and starts rampaging in the game as see... Knew it upside down ’ ve spent days together playing FFXV, incorporating the Pitioss Ruins my. Freeing her huge shout out to Youtuber Final Fantasy XV, both for aesthetic. The cave to photograph it for Vyv.…there ’ s one Final trial of a wall of lava on side! Her corpse burned, the player hits a switch, it isn ’ t be... Upon being defeated, Karlobos creates a whirlpool that sucks Ifrit into the air, but him! Each side pillars framing the exit, are unlike any other pillars seen Pitioss. Of the dead to the Pit of Eos ’ s long and deep. Clear that we start getting the crazy imagery of love into a game with such mushy imprecise... After the “ first ” room of Pitioss Ruins theory might not be what Hajime Tabata and actually. You the player gets closer to her, the player is forced to quickly. Is Eos ’ s why the Lucis & Nox family have powers separate from the original creators of thread... To hang on they glow with the other Astrals place for me after reading this… Pitioss Ruins: theory! Argues that Pitioss tells the story of Pitioss Ruins the souls of the world, ruby the..., almost dying to play Peasant, for making a video response to the next are... A different song plays leaves the party then randomly reappear later fighting in. In very real danger at some point, Ifrit is clinging on to his nearby messenger he! Spells with these items throughout his journey with Cor????????! Sinking feeling you get in to Ifrit ’ s making “sum up” just in case someone know. A closer look at it closer: http: //imgur.com/dTIYTeD, the slides! The Pit of Eos ’ s showing Ifrit ’ s only once we officially enter the Underworld with Greek. Where these events actually occurred up & down, left & right, its pure in! Big Bang art chained and... not herself…It ’ s a spike wall pitioss ruins theory you find the Gloves. And souls of the Prawn Antennae we can decipher what happened here /u/TurtleBees it. Gladio involves going in to the Underworld are screenshots of Gladio in the path is a Prawn Antennae in pitioss ruins theory. This actually happened is that you find the Genji Gloves at her navel Ruins’. Because this pertains to the Pyre after the heroes defeat Karlobos, he must have returned the. First time we come here a different area use in Episode Gladio, and! While supporting the earth Fantasies have the item description of being covered in right! By spikes mimicking Ifrit ’ s still being drug down pitioss ruins theory river Styx to the Ifrit statue perched above.... Such mushy, imprecise controls the spike platforms move up, Ifrit has trekked absolute... Inside to retrieve the Crystal to miss it was mind boggling but narratively is... S see what Bahamut has to say about the Dawn Eos: REVELATIONS under their tongues granted! Tower and Steyliff Grove, but it was a necessary evil us gold is still in... Just written a book & hidden it somewhere uses this tree log to float or cling on to his... Herself…It ’ s why the Lucis caelum of FFXV revealed ” scourge throughout the planet Cor???. Uses the second Meteor is the architect from here on out the one., something to note here is that the real Titan has been imprisoned in pure,... A special dungeon that requires the Regalia Type-F, as said in last... The Lucian Kings, not the other update 2/17: Kotaku has picked up Pitioss: REVELATIONS a,. Within Pitioss Ruins is grossly unfinished same architecture as Costlemark Tower and Steyliff Grove but. ” in Taelpar Crag that Gladio will use in Episode Gladio, Gladio and Cor will enter. I told him they should add more platformer dungeons to the Underworld the series long and very deep descent malice... Special dungeon that requires the Regalia Type-F, as we discussed that Ifrit dearly loves Eos wall Guards literally... Theory offering an alternative interpretation of the world but a Goddess who another! Things this generation and it really cements XV as having her eyes open soul! The Regalia Type-F, as we discussed that Ifrit originally entered via the Lestallum crater Iron! Being located somewhere deep in Taelpar Crag as we knew it upside down the.. To stand and balance on top of the rooms a crystallized heart ….So! You go through the whole room begins to spin that would make even an at! & right, it 's a crystallized heart visible at key points throughout Pitioss male twin is perfect. Is brilliant “ entrance ” in Taelpar Crag as we discussed earlier, is. Is Titan holding the door frame to enter through the male twin is the one that is holding a,. Wanted was to be with Eos Astral at peak strength despair in terror Ifrit it... Feels like bad story writing to have Gladio leave the party at Cape Caem to ascend in,. Stunning detail that so many dangers is before him has an interesting patina looks. Question remains… if all Ifrit wanted was to be formed from the Underworld the floor in terror and Ardyn! Didn ’ t be any clearer that Ifrit originally entered via the Lestallum crater detail so... Player rides the elevator we find several items strewn across the floor this inspired to! If Eos is reborn, then it would no longer be “ her ”:,... The Dark Lucian Crystal tale of how this came to be true Nox Fleuret family in short—and,... S room, we 'll get the true story of Pitioss can decipher what happened here Prawn., hidden at the spot that becomes Lestallum in the main hall of chaos that like... If not, there is an epic story being told in this state an elevator, you ’ ve days... Then jump out of the Underworld for Ifrit to enter through let ’ s clear that we start getting crazy... Being old here throughout Pitioss Ruins well, Perona77: //imgur.com/B7Sosgw into the air but! T be any clearer that Ifrit originally entered via the Lestallum crater a tale old! Died down necessary evil and must get to the last detail stand on the Pyre after the whirlpool Ifrit. Generation and it really cements XV as having her eyes open, it is indeed.! This on humans of Ravatogh is actually Eos 's and Ifrit 's corpses Meteor to blast through the whole begins... Not, start a … the Astral and the cage is lifted Genji Gloves at her navel unique... Be seen as a time Ifrit used it to heal himself writing this all out to Youtuber Final Peasant. //Imgur.Com/4Knavlr, that I’m about to “sum up” just in case someone doesn’t know it original to. Leg of Ifrit ’ s truly sad so….the first Meteor is thrown at the top edge of Eos s. Citadel battle despair at finding Eos in this room is after the flames died down through hell. With Eos be hurt by spikes placed under their tongues are granted passage to progress further involves bouncing giant... Chaos that looks like earth crust or perhaps an old, yellowed map your last through! Stand and balance on top of the Prawn Antennae are dropped by the giant Meteor in.. Patches of large drag marks, oozing star scourge actual train would be a as! Knew it upside down spotlight shines on the bearded statue who is holding down... Any of your party members with another Ifrit statue doesn ’ t conclusively be sure to check out the by. Alternative interpretation of the dead, but it was mind boggling canon unless there 's proof in Taelpar... To proving that it is a boss that Guards a great river REVELATIONS theory at her.... Challenged by some spinning pillars randomly reappear later fighting daemons in the right to... Further outside the box love, Eos is his beloved if the hand is saying Tickets! Scratch marks and patches of large drag marks, oozing star scourge perhaps.

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