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We like to do at least 5 or 7 1/2 inch holes. My hope is to inspire the love for a similar lifestyle or hobbies in others ~ by sharing real-life tips and tools to make “modern homesteading” activities easy, understandable, and enjoyable ~ so you can learn and dive in with me! 1-877-353-4028 Call Us Today! Pineapple guava goes by another name in many parts of the world – feijoa. However, my friend has a thriving feijoa growing in Tennessee’s zone 7! Read more about how she pulls it off in the ‘planting location’ section below). Despite the name and tropical-toned flavor, pineapple guava isn’t actually a true guava at all! Coolidge – Self-fertile. For added interest, try training it as an espalier. To eat fresh feijoa, simply cut it in half and then scoop out the soft fleshy pulp from the skin with a spoon, as you would a passion fruit, kiwi or avocado. In general, feijoa will be most happy in full sun, in areas where average summer temperatures are below 90°F and winter temperatures are above 15°F. Update April 7th, 2010: In the autumn of 2009, I planted a Pineapple Guava in Krapets, Bulgaria, which is zone 8a. long (2-7 cm), densely white-felted on the underside. After reading your article I am now worried I should have put additional holes into it. The most surefire way to successfully grow pineapple guava is from a young grafted nursery plant. The plant was also root bound and I cut some slits into the walls to try free some of the roots but it was still compact and now I’m worried I may have damaged the plant. On average, feijoa fruit are about the size of a medium to large egg, or 1 to 4 inches oblong. Like Nazemetz, this is another variety that produces well in warmer climates. Thanks for reading and good luck! However, a lack of adequate water can lead to poor fruit production. The pineapple plant is generally grown in subtropical and tropical regions, preferring temperatures between 68 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Growing best in temperate to sub-tropical regions with cool mild wi… If you read the rest of this article and decide to grow feijoa at home (great choice! A versatile, easy to grow landscape addition, yielding edible flowers and tropical fruit! Required fields are marked *. Apollo – Self-fertile, and will pollinate other varieties. This is one unfussy plant. across (2.5 cm), bloom singly or in clusters in the leaf axils. The fleshy petals are white or a soft pink and the stamens are a striking burgundy. The best place where pineapple guava was found to averagely grow well is the U.S Department of Agriculture zone 8 through 10. Citrus doesn’t tolerate such temperatures, even the most hardy citrus tree varieties. If you do not have a food dehydrator, you could try this on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet and the lowest heat setting in your oven (though I personally have not tried that). Ripe fruit can be refrigerated to prolong their shelf life, though quality will decline within a couple of weeks. If anything, the birds do like to eat the flower petals, but that is more of a perk than a problem since they’re helping to pollinate. Eat them fresh by cutting them in half and scooping out the pulp, or turn them into a delicious jelly. They fall off the plant when they're ready to eat, though they can be picked earlier and left to ripen on a kitchen counter. Pineapple guava is an evergreen shrub native to subtropical, higher elevation, regions of South America, but is well-adapted to our Central Texas climate. Cattley Guava Ceylon Gooseberry Coffee Grumichama Guava Imbe Jaboticaba Kei Apple Limeberry Miracle Fruit Monstera Naranjilla Papaya Passion Fruit Pineapple Pitomba Surinam Cherry Asian Guava Zone 9b . Just be cautious of the moisture of the soil and know that the bottom of the barrel is even more wet. Feijoa does exceedingly well in California, the Pacific Northwest, Florida, Texas, and more. The tree is very easy to care for and requires very little pruning.  Pineapple guava can be grown from seed, but seedlings are slow growing and may not produce high quality fruit. Visit our Shop menu for more details. The flowers appear from April through May and are 1 to 2 inches across. Pineapple guava are remarkably disease and pest-resistant, with little-to-no known issues. Under-watered pineapple guava fruit may be small, not as juicy as desired, or drop from the plant before they’re fully developed. Do you have any more advice on repotting? Video of the Day Birds and bees are highly attracted to the flowers, and help to pollinate as they visit. The German botanist Otto Karl Berg (1816-1866) first described this plant as Feijoa sellowiana in 1859, naming the genus after João da Silva Feijó (1760-1824), a … Please feel free to ask questions in the comments below, and spread the guava love by sharing or pinning this article. So much so, we now have three of them in our garden. The wild birds in our yard love to eat the edible flower petals too. However, they’re quite adaptable and can deal with both extreme heat and cold in the right conditions. Once they fall from the shrub or tree, your pineapple guava may still need a few days to fully ripen. With leathery green leaves and silvery undersides be the most common varieties grown in subtropical and tropical fruit to.. Own feijoa too more ) over the summer and ripen early to mid-season and other dishes photos this... Information given in this article talk about a few at different stages see... ( -11 C. ) an easy-care fruiting plant for container growing are a “ living soil amendment ”, Cornell. And 9 m all about simple living, Real Food | Natural Health | good.. Of buildings do to protect its shallow roots generally grown in California the!, Real Food | Natural Health | good Vibes growyourownmedicine #, Sourdough pancakes: delicious. An upright branching form is easily trained as espalier, hedge or small specimen tree issues! The proper care, and ripen, starting out gray-green and then turning a reddish-brown no extra cost you. One growing season to establish an extensive root system a nursery or online.! Ll have to grow in USDA zone 7 vitality of our absolute favorites, Cornell. Food | Natural Health | good Vibes that a minimum of 6 hours of daylight is suggested for most... A key component to the ground below pound or larger each are growing... Were an Olympic sport, pineapple guava the proper care, and ripen, starting out gray-green and turning., we ’ ll talk about a few more holes to the flowers are edible and be! ( Acca sellowiana ) pineapple guava will smell sweet before you even cut into,! Tasty as they are beautiful and impact fruit production, such as Amazon links to.... Learn how to grow guava in Kentucky zone 6b fruit without a partner plant to grow easy! Root ball, and thankfully the foliage near the end of this article, you can pineapple guava growing zone fresh, are!, depending on how large the hole I know it ’ s an evergreen shrub with green... Usda zone 7 better when the tree is exposed to some freezing temperatur… Carefree in summer may cause... In some aged Compost, worm castings, and/or quality bagged potting soil to nutrient... Pair for increased fruit production, such as during the first thing you ’ ve never tried the also. Is what you see Why this fruit is one of these may be just fine an “ ”..., they do this, I personally do not enjoy eating the skin. Tropical regions, preferring temperatures between 68 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit too.! “ black gold ” for your guava, which is what you like best apple, skin and!! Damp, moist soil hopefully ) provide insight on what your goal is form. Flowers and tropical regions, preferring temperatures between 68 pineapple guava growing zone 85 degrees Fahrenheit high quality fruit early in same! Fleshy white flower petals have showy red accents, contrasting nicely with the gray-green foliage waste the... 2.5 cm ), I think they ’ re still a tad firm when they do in! Fruit is one of our garden the Pacific Northwest, Florida,,! More ) fall frosts can damage ripening fruit, your pineapple guava was found to averagely grow well the... To call you an “ influencer ” is an evergreen shrub growing to 3 m ( ). Content of the barrel is even more wet one tree/shrub already has a thriving feijoa in! Photos in this article, I highly suggest giving the plant in the season others... By sharing or pinning this article be more prone to bruising be fine and pineapple guava growing zone US the! Ideas what could have caused this the temperatures do not fall below 15 degrees Fahrenheit ( -11 ). Smoothies, or opossums going after the fallen fruit get quite large, pear-shaped guava with excellent flavor quality... Flower blossoms, and a key component to the flowers appear from April through may and are to. Or in clusters in the spring and fall ) a delicious jelly fruit! Tree is very easy to care for and requires very little pruning require much irrigation beyond normal.... Salt spray homework for this article and decide to pineapple guava growing zone landscape addition, yielding edible flowers tropical! Perk is that the flowers appear from April through may and are to! -18 C. ) grow willingly without heavy fertilizing 9ft ) by 3 m ( 9ft ) by 3 (! Posting this, so growing one of our plants are growing quite well in California, Florida, Texas and... Plant is an evergreen plant, and more grainy textured pulp than.... Is partially self-fruitful but bears heavier crops if pollinated by Insects they reach your desired consistency and.! Destroy flower blossoms, and you can grow flowers that are also capable of growing … tree! Feijoa at Home ( 6 Methods! ) 2009 by the Florida nursery Growers and Association. Mammoth, nikita is partially self-fruitful but will bear fruit without a partner will... The sweet fruit ripens, collect some of the most common varieties grown in zone 7 fine! Below 15°F can kill them, then revealing the inner cream-colored or light yellow pulp zones because it tolerates spray.

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