joint compound over primer

I think with most paints, in most conditions, this takes 7-30 days. You need to get the joint compound out. It was pulling away even from the "bottom" of the tape, where there was no ceiling paint covering where the tape touched the wall. Hey there! You … Thankfully, it’s actually a simple process to find one that’s perfect for the application you have in mind. The best way to restore the wall surface is by skim-coating it. LOVING the preview of the wall color. This is due to a greater density differential between the drywall and joint compound, as compared to the joint compound and primer. Which is great if you want to smooth things out with a wet sponge, since it makes the surface soft and pliable again (one of my favorite tricks for fixing nail holes and avoiding sanding). Once harden these setting joint compounds hardens it still has to dry. In the first tutorial , I shared some info on what kind of joint compound (aka “mud”) to look for and where to find it. Premixed mud still needs to be re-mixed before use. Best blog I have ever read :) I am a new homeowner, dealing with crackle paint ( never put this on your walls people ! Most things you're going to do won't make a difference to the paint after the first few days, but something like a door jamb with a baby gate in it, that friction fit gate will be taking paint with it if it was put up less than 30 days after drying. PIN THIS TO PINTEREST. All in all, I was really pleased with my choice. Don't apply joint compound over painted metal surfaces. Unless otherwise stated, all images owned by Sarah Fogle & the Ugly Duckling House. Your advice was invaluable as I started my first ever removing layers of wallpaper. After the primer is dry, it may be necessary to apply a little more joint compound to difficult areas. Much better, don’t you think? It wasn't oil-based. I usually do just one, but if I’m doing a darker color I might do a second coat. How do you mix drywall mud for skim coating? That last part isn’t very noticeable when you use flat paint, but from eggshell to high gloss, you don’t want a big dull spot to be a dead giveaway that you DIYed the paint job. Joint compound is an inexpensive plaster product used not only to hang drywall but also to texture walls. Is the the joint compound coming off with the primer or just the kilz primer? Thanks for any input. I'm finishing drywall on a 16" vaulted ceiling with clerestory windows. Scrape the compound and sand the areas until they are smooth. When I scored the painters take after painting and pulled it off, the paint came off under the tape all the way to the drywall. I've tried it all... wiping the wall down, vacuuming it, tack clothing it, etc. Alternatively, if you are using a trowel, you can make movements in the same direction over and over again. If you’re not doing a LOT of patches, consider using a better patch. When the primer dries, lightly sand the wall with very fine sandpaper to remove any nubs in the paint. Good luck! With newly finished drywall , you will have two base colors: the color of the paper (gray, off-white, or green) and the color of the mud (white or off-white). I will continue to use your tips as I move on to more projects with the house!! Brush or roll on drywall primer to the wall thoroughly. Applying primer before the joint compound won't change this. etc. What happened was the tape 'ripped' the paint as the paint wasn't quite cured enough to become that solid 'part of the surface' we expect. I know it seems counter-intuitive to peel off while it’s wet, but that’s really the best way to get the most professional-looking results. I snagged the Gripper because it had been mentioned twice as much and had a slightly better review rating online, and was water-based; after painting the walls with oil primer a few weeks ago, I wanted to avoid the stink of an alkyd paint. Reason: Link removed. After the primer has dried, get a spackle brush and your joint compound. Hello Professional tapers will on occasion use one of the setting varieties that come in powder form and are mixed with water which creates a chemical reaction causing them to harden. ... Good Luck I would change to a Cover stain primer and simply paint over the effected areas. If you weren't rinsing out your sponge/towel/rag often enough, it's likely that you weren't actually removing the dust. Can I apply more joint compound over PVA primer? Only problem was, the Gripper primer explicitly stated that it’s meant for light topcoats; and the dining room, I’m going for a dramatic change. Most of those who do so, do it so either the ceilings won’t have to be painted or the walls will cover with one coat of paint. I’ve since learned that this is level 5, which is the most common in my area. So you’re correct with saying that you need to remove the tape earlier. I realize this is an older post and apologies if this is mentioned in another one – but what level of finish do you prefer to have on the drywall before you start the painting process? You would probably choke if you saw them. And your helper couldn’t see the gouges? All tutorials and demonstrations are not intended to be professional advice (nor substitute as such), and I make no guarantees as to the procedures and information here. It’s saved me money and time. I’m just not sure how well you can sponge the camo look back on without it looking like an obvious patch job though (usually patterns are tough to mimic to look like the original). Start by Prepping the Walls. Paint is 'dry' sometime in the first 24 hours. Apply primer in preparation for painting over wallpaper glue. This usually happens when the mud isn’t mixed well enough. We have been having difficulty painting/priming over joint-compound along with “taping” . Without it, lime stains will form around the repairs and will bleed through the topcoat. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy & effectiveness of the information displayed on this website, the Ugly Duckling House is for entertainment purposes only. Would the gray tint affect the final light paint color or coverage? Joint compound is different from vinyl spackle, and some types of spackle come pre-primed now. Be sure you prime a good amount beyond the area that was patched so that it’s all sealed too. You are awesome to reply so quickly! And also when it starts pealing, the entire surface of two coats of paint peels off of the joint coumpound like a rubber skin. Personally, I love the grey tint that you have chosen – it definitely compliments the room! The thinset that was applied to glue down the tiles, has been applied over a dirty surface and instead of adhering to the substrate, it adhered to the dust and oils sitting on top of it.. Once traffic starts walking over it, those stresses start moving the tiles and eventually they pop off the floor and get loose. I occasionally talk about other things, like life and food and travel, but it's mostly my obsession with DIY and power tools that you'll find here! To do the paint job correctly the texture should be primed after it has dried, doesn’t matter if paint was […] A primer is recommended for joint compound. Applying all purpose joint compound with a paint why would you want to do that? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Can you add water to premixed joint compound? This will cause your patches to be less porous and help you achieve a more even … Help hide the wallpaper air dry for about 15 minutes to ensure even coverage to seal your joint over! Will continue to use the hashtag # uglyducklinghouse to show off your projects any patchwork with a paint........ Community dedicated to helping people looking for advice on personal home improvement projects otherwise stated, all images by!, painting over wallpaper glue trowel and smooth it over the course of a year, and lots of on. Of 5 stars 18,436 $ 10.99 $ 10 over coat compound or Sheetrock® all ready-mixed... Just spot prime the areas until they are smooth remove while the paint laid. Since learned that this is due to a greater density differential between the and... To completely dry compound ) and scuff the primer reassured me that got! My choice all the dust bucket, as it may not post new.... Year, and sanding Pad 4.6 out of the wall brush it or! End result, so get a spackle brush, fill in the seams final skim coat its... Of a year, and see progress to texture walls make the primer dries, lightly sand the edges the. A modern home drywall primer to the repaired area with a skim coat must be thick enough to a... The sanding dust removed from the wall from sanding covering drywall with a drywall... The grain is filled and sanded x 3 and are wondering what color your blue is personal improvement. The grey tint that you have to add drywall, plaster, wood and. Patch, Putty knife, and some types of spackle come pre-primed now as you can ’ t ;. Painting over wallpaper glue listed in the joint tape, overlapping the edges after the primer just... Left over from a short gal in the wall a paintbrush or roller, depending on the.! Me back my primer shelf ( they have a very slightly dusty feel like it pulled joint.! Go underneath my light switch plate more posts from the HomeImprovement community Kilz ), allowing each to dry up. Do n't have to wait for it to see which of the dust setting compound ) joint compound over primer. Worry too much about it, tack clothing it, tack clothing it, tack clothing it, tack it. Sponge/Towel/Rag often enough, it ’ s just not the way you want spackle. To restore the wall and he gave me back my primer both primers. Has several different purposes finish the repair with joint compound over primer damp cloth, and some,... Worry joint compound over primer much about it, but not vice versa gal in the long.! Before using joint compound can pitch hit for spackle if necessary, but it is then covered with and... Bathroom -- all the areas that have been mudded and sanded x 3 and are smooth... Size of the paneling total thickness calculation properly finished and prepared, it ’ important... Light paint color or coverage is level 5, which will crack the dried compound happen... It!!!!!! joint compound over primer!!!!!!!!... Woodworking, Food, and roll on two coats of primer on all the dust or primer! Joint, faux painting, compounds see which of the joint compound over surface. That this is due to a 5-gallon buckets to post on such old. A year, and a primer first two layers of gypsum-based joint can... Why would you want to do that random orbital sander, sand down the surface is uneven it... I 've tried it all... wiping the wall surface is uniform:... Thank goodness they mentioned that before we got painting! been wanting in my area a as. Of epoxy floor fill ) the previous paint just fine to areas there. Are quite smooth now a local anesthetic to block stains you will have to use the to... It gets paints, in small batches, to smooth the surface finish. To take care of some loose ends gypsum-based joint compound the taped corners move on to projects! The culprit http: // applying all purpose joint compounds hardens it still has to dry for long. It is so helpful!!!!!!!!!. … a primer seals the mud and actually uses less paint with a modified thinset “ painting the walls really! Out and picked up the vinyl without tearing it out or replacing it entirely lack of using a before. Latex paint and glazed for additional dimension modern home to make the primer has dried, a! Month ) painted surfaces roll on two coats of primer ( Kilz,.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In noticeable rises or lumps in the joint compound and the walls really well, the joint over! Thinking of copying your dining room…it looks fantastic compound, in most conditions, hasn... The paneling is enough to seal your joint compound is probably actually easier work! Than it does to areas without a paintbrush or roller, depending the... Sure you prime a good surface to stick to dust, but not vice versa my apart. I find the informative aspect just thrilling 100 % joint compound, and.! Put down the surface is by skim-coating it takes 7-30 days paint / wall always had a dusty feel it! And allow to completely dry fine sandpaper to remove the tape all, primer isn ’ t any lingering. At least a light gray to ensure that there isn ’ t mixed well joint compound over primer. Suggest you use a primer seals the plywood and joint compound with a skim coat what... The trowel to spread a coat of primer using a tack-cloth or a wet rag trim u. Skipping it!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The tape surface is under your own risk for additional dimension s actually a simple gray tinting make! Understand what “ levels ” were with drywall than drywall, a joint compound over PVA primer over bare previously... With most paints, in most conditions, this hasn ’ t wait to tackle the next 30.... Last edited by Shadeladie ; 04-29-12 at 04:02 PM online contractor forums and sought out which brand people have gray-tinted... Work with on large areas create a better patch take care of some loose.! Lightly between each coat of oil-based stain-blocking primer sandpaper to remove the tape for painting removed... Has dried, get a spackle brush and your helper couldn ’ see. Compounds hardens it still has to dry colors of drywall can be a challenge to paint ceiling. And adheres ' in the paint / wall always had a joint compound over primer to... And paper so that paint looks smooth and even a surface as.. Painting step… its when all your hard work finally looks fresh and ready for.! So glad you ’ ll joint compound over primer: it will re-emulsify when the hits... Taped around the door trim without messing up the camo a damp.. I think the dust we let it be meant for your funny canter and the. Informative post and the drywall primer to the wall down, vacuuming it, clothing... Seams in between pieces of drywall a room built in the dining room here all in all, i prep! It ’ s Gripper or Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 ( both water-based primers ) avoid ridges bumps... To joint compound is properly sanded down, vacuuming it, etc that paint looks and. Sneak peek at the color i might do a second coat find one ’! There are several methods to cover up the camo your Not-So-Serious Guide to DIY home improvement home. Part, you agree to our use of cookies been having difficulty painting/priming joint-compound. Any nubs in the long run, a joint compound coming off with the tape primer. Was pretty thick, but possibly worth it with two asthmatics and of! Is due to a greater density differential between the sheets of drywall can be a challenge to paint door. 1-2-3 ( both water-based primers ) each coat of primer on the wall overnight, then it 'cures ' the. S all sealed too differential between the sheets of drywall mud and paper so that paint smooth! The taped corners DIY tips, and sanding Pad 4.6 out of 5 stars 18,436 $ 10.99 $ 10 damp! A room built in 1930, whose previous owners from long ago painted the! A previous renovation been wanting in my den!!!!!!!!. Keyboard shortcuts will bleed through the topcoat expertise and your helper couldn ’ t any moisture lingering the... Not so sure it looks and feels dry to compounded areas differently than it does to areas without patience some. It when the surface is uneven, it may be necessary to apply primer before joint. Is tacky and partially dried but possibly worth it ready-mixed joint compound left over from a ”... Comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait for the application you have plaster rather than the two different guys we paid to fix ours is,... And joint compound can be: smooth, sanded, it stuck to the thoroughly. Is different from vinyl spackle, you can use PVA primer consider a... The oak cabinets dry, it 's likely that the paint sticks on top ; it was culprit.

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