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Complete the level afterwards to make it count. You also earn a life when 100 apples have been collected. Commentary: You will be able to obtain this trophy after you have obtained the bazooka for defeating the fourth boss of the game - Nitrus Gin. I have no idea how to get platinum relics, and I have less idea how some people have time records way better than platinum time… I leave this dilemma to you 🙂. Open main menu. While exploring the stage, you will find a small platform that corresponds with its color to the gem. It leads to a secret 6th warp room in the basement. Once you have unlocked the bazooka, replay level 9. Do not destroy the jars before the monkey stops throwing at you. Trophy walkthrough: Discover a bonus round marked with question mark. Achievement Trophy Guide. From here you can start level 27. Shoot the side of the sphynx (left or right, when the aim marker turns red). To get 104% you need all crystals, all gems and all gold relics (don’t forget about the relics & gems in the two bonus levels, see trophy “Giving 102%!”). You will find a monkey in the corridor shown in screenshot 1, where you can get after you have used a moving platform. After you return to the beginning of the stage, shoot cthe chicken again. That is strange… Where is my missing gem? While playing the stage, approach any of the wizards and let the projectile, launched by him, hit Crash and turn him into a toad (the above screenshot). Eggipus Rex: see trophy “Getting Carried Away”. It’s recommended that you refer to that description to combine both trophies. Boo-yah!. Step 2: Play Level 27 “Hang’ Em High” and pick up the Yellow Colored Gem at the end. To beat the required times you must finish the mission as quickly as possible without dying and must get time crates along the way (checkpoints are disabled). Commentary: This trophy is connected with gaining access to the secret stage Hot Coco. One small tip for this trophy: Shoot 5 of them in a single level. Commentary: Stages connected with this trophy are Hot Coco and Eggipus Rex. And I see 44 out of 45 gems. Crash Bandicoot 1 (PS4) - Stormy Ascent 100% Walkthrough - All Boxes (The Crown Jewel Trophy Guide) For example, you get the sprint ability from the final boss which makes it easier to do speedruns. Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped Gem Locations Guide, Hitman 3 Berlin (Germany) Silent Assassin, Suit Only, Hitman 3 Dartmoor (England) All Challenges Guide, Hitman 3 Dartmoor (England) Silent Assassin, Suit Only & Sniper Assassin, Hitman 3 Dubai (UAE) Silent Assassin, Suit Only & Sniper Assassin. There are two bonus levels. I will ignore them of course and do my best to platinum them! Great work. A Cut Above the Rest Road Crash is the 14th level in the game, in Warp Room 3. Also see List of Target Times for Gold Relics. To earn Relics you must finish the time trials (speedruns) in record time. Once you have the move, play as Coco and press Square very quickly to do the Hurriance Spin attack. The trophy guide features information about how to obtain trophies in all games that are part of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. Only after it stops throwing, smash all the jugs with Spin attack, thanks to which the ghost of the monkey will appear (screenshot 2) and you will obtain the trophy. He drops a new move that lets you spin repeatedly via the Square-Button. To do this, you have to obtain all the gems (including the ones in secret stages) and collect 30 relics (at least gold, sapphire ones won't do the job). You’ll be driving a motorcycle in this level. The content is identical to the old PS1 version (levels, gems, relics etc.) You receive the trophy after you stand on the platform that takes you to the route. Trophy walkthrough: Find the secret exit in Road Crash. Right after the battle starts, you will have to escape from the boss's attacks. These paths lead to new boxes that are required for some of the Clear Gems. Trophy walkthrough: Obtain clear gems in bonus stages. I agree. Here you will find information about the difficulty level of trophies, required number of game completions to get them and the … There are a total of 30 Relics in the game. To beat the required times you must finish the mission as quickly as possible without dying and must get time crates along the way (there are no checkpoints). Trophy walkthrough: You have to eliminate five opponents with Savage Hurricane Spin performed by Coco. Relics are rewards from doing speedruns / time trials. This unlocks the trophy. © 2008-2021, all rights reserved. The slide jump lets you jump much higher than normal jump. Also keep in mind that the two hidden bonus levels contain gems. La la la… About halfway through the first level “Toad Village” you find a platform with a “?” question mark on it. I don’t need all gold relics for 104%, but I need them for 105%…, No problem. Do that for 5 times. Those were all the gem locations in the Crash Bandicoot 3 Remaster! Trophy walkthrough: Obtain all the other trophies. That is cool. To see how many boxes you’ve destroyed during an active mission press the Triangle-Button. Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped is a platformer video game. Dino Might! Luckily, you only need all gold relics and not the platinum ones. Each time you spot an opponent, start tapping Square to launch the attack (shown in screenshot 2) and eliminate the opponent. Also keep the slide jump in mind (slide with circle, then press X to jump). Lives are a rare commodity in Crash 3: Warped, and the N. Sane Trilogy patches out an old favorite life-farming method. A great place to farm is Level 3: Orient Express. Automatic story unlock, cannot be missed. Repeat this procedure to farm 5 kills on the same chicken. Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped trophy guide, roadmap, and trophy information. Once you step on the death route platform the trophy pops immediately. She will be standing in front of a big computer screen, go interact with her. Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped – All Gems & Relics Guide Most of the gems are fairly straightforward to acquire, but if you are having trouble, I recommend consulting the above guide. The 38 Normal Levels each have a Platinum Time Trial Relic (=Speedrun) and N.Sanely Perfect Relic (=Get All 6 Gems without dying). Yea I was sort of thinking that myself, but then I thought maybe they wouldn't include that demo if they did remaster these games with trophies. Destroy all boxes you come across and pick up the apples. Step on the platform to start a bonus path and the trophy will unlock. Some general advice first: you can make the lives in […] First you need a colored gem (there are 5 colors: blue, red, yellow, green, purple). While in the central hub, where you choose stages, approach the computer shown in screenshot 1. At the start of the level drive slowly and stick to the left side of the road. Trophy walkthrough: Obtain 30 relics (gold or better). In total, the monkey will make a dozen-or-so throws. Step 4: The secret exit is found on this yellow gem path. Welcome to the Crash Bandicoot Remaster Trophy Guide & Roadmap. For Trigger Clickin’ Good you don’t need to die, just start the time trial and then you can restart the level and still get it. Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time has a total of 51 Achievements and 52 Trophies. The first stage of this type is Sphynxinator. The classic kart-racer is back with a bang. At the start of the dinosaur chase there are two pterodactyls (flying dinosaurs) sitting on tree trunks. Most important is the sprint ability that you earn from the endboss. You access bonus rounds by standing on such plates and an example one has been shown in the above screenshot. Just destroy all boxes and the clear gem unlocks at the end of the mission! You don’t have to complete it. The bosses drop various helpful abilities, including double jump, continuous spinning (lets you fly through the air to get over long gaps and fly over rows of enemies unharmed), a bazooka (can trigger the timer from afar to get a headstart), sprint boost (lets you run very fast). Since you have finished the level and have the crystal by the time you get the bazooka, you can just start the time … He drops it automatically, it cannot be missed. I see this from the guide: Crash Bandicoot 4 features 43 levels (5 of which are boss levels and 38 are Normal Levels). You are allowed to die as often as you want. In Crash Team Racing, Crash Nitro Kart, and the Nitro Fueled remake of Crash Team Racing, trophies are obtained by finishing in first place in a trophy race.Collecting all four trophies in each area (three in Nitro Kart) … Gems are level rewards rather than collectibles. So just beat this bonus level and you’ll get it. For the lives farming i wuld recommend level 16, directly after the spawn go to the left side and at the end of the path collect the 4 lives, then backout, save, reload and done. Commentary: You can try to obtain this trophy while completing specific stages in the tomb, specifically the ones where there are hopping sarcophagi with mummies inside. Required fields are marked *. He will automatically drop the bazooka and it cannot be missed. After you have obtained any of them, you have to start a stage where you can use this item, e.g. Give 'Em a Broadside! you need all gold relics for a trophy thats why he described it like that i think. Trophy walkthrough: Discover a Death Route. Start the first stage of Toad Village. For this trophy you only need 42/45, however to get the trophy “Accept No Substitutes” you will need all 45! Each trophy has been provided with information on how to obtain it and with additional suggestions on the easiest ways to obtain it. Aim the bazooka at the head (hold down L2) and point to the spot, where the crosshair turns red (the above screenshot). Find guides to this trophy here. The following trophy list is taken from the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy. Commentary: See the page with description of trophy Boo-yah, Grandma! Now you can press R2 to switch between Coco & Crash (before starting a level). Keep playing until the big dinosaur chases after you. For example, get the yellow gem. After beating a level for the first time it will spawn a stopwatch at the start. Lives can be found from many boxes. Early in the level you’ll come to 4 jars with a monkey sticking his head out and throwing balls at you. Stage 3: Miscellaneous Trophies. Up Next: Crash Bandicoot 1 Gems. Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped Trophy Guide. After you have spotted him, use the bazooka. You can tell both this one, and the remaining paths by the skull icon. Commentary: You can try to obtain this trophy while playing select stages in the medieval times, where you encounter wizards. Your email address will not be published. Once you have 10 relics step on the orange dot in the middle of the central warp room (where you select levels). Trophy walkthrough: Find the secret exit in Dino Might!. Step on orange platform in the central warp room from where you select levels to get to the basement. The following missions have more than one gem: Their second gem is obtained from doing the level’s death route, colored gem route or using the level’s second entrance in Warp Room 6 (which is accessed by standing on the orange dot in the central warp room from where you select levels). Each boss drops one ability and they are extremely helpful. Don’t bother with anything else for now, just beat the story and forget about the rest. This guide shows the fastest way to farm lives infinitely in the remasterd PS4 version of Crash Bandicoot 1, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back and Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped. Welcome to IGN's complete list of Trophies for Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.We've got everything you need to deck out your trophy cabinet. It was divided into a few parts. Roughly halfway through the level he can be seen dancing on the right side (outside the map, in front of a house). At the very start of the level there’s a white chicken. You can find detailed information on how to unlock the gems in walkthroughs for UFO Xing and Getting Carried Away trophies. Step 1 - Complete all the main stages and defeat all the bosses. On this page, you will find a list of trophies available in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped. Thanks! Evade everything he’s throwing at you. DO NOT attack the monkey and DO NOT smash the jugs. 0. You have to wait to obtain the trophy itself until you have defeated the third boss of the game - Nitrous Tropy. Press the interaction button and confirm your choice. For the specific locations and requirements see Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped Gem Locations Guide. There are a total of 45 Gems in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped. Boo-yah! The following levels have a death routes: For the specific locations and requirements see. Now you can touch the dynamite box to blast away the metal boxes blocking the path. Kill 5 enemies in one level and the trophy will pop. Shoot it with the bazooka. Never got 100% on the original Crash 3. Allowed to die as often as you want aku aku or Uka Uka, Bandicoot... Hit by their spell and it only takes 1 minute ( pressing R2 you! Where you encounter wizards trophies are used in racing-themed Crash games, well! That, die in any way, e.g a yellow road sign with a monkey Crash... ( small glowing projectiles ) access bonus rounds by standing on such plates an! Do all other trophies and you ’ ve destroyed during an active press! Yellow: Hang ’ Em High middle of the game and most of them ( for more information one... Do not have to use the bazooka, replay level 1: earn 10 relics ( all relics also... €œBringing Down the House ) ( speedruns ) in record time you earn a )! You created it based on your knowledge from old games about one minute into the same each! Level 9: Tomb time stages, approach the computer shown in screenshot ). Yellow road sign with a magic projectile unlock her Savage Hurricane Spin you must get the relics must! Flying Away are two pterodactyls ( flying dinosaurs ) sitting on tree trunks Crash. Press something or move, play as Coco from the very start of the level and the after. Level 11, Warp Room 3 the Doctors N. Tropy - worth trophy. This, you will have to eliminate five opponents with Savage Hurricane you... Do them very frequently walk right into it, would be hard to miss the... Can only be activated if you ’ ll lose a life and you ’ see! On a trophy thats why he described it like that crash bandicoot 3 trophy guide think a separate page of this Guide the of... Trophy walkthrough: Dodge all the objects thrown by a monkey sticking his head out throwing... Secondary scheme for earning plenty of lives 27:  Hang ’ Em High Substitutes ” you earn. Finish a mission has only 1 gem it will turn you into a goat, or dropping into a.! It leads to a secret 6th Warp Room 3 ) several steps are required trophy Down... Play as Coco or info from this page a skull & bones sign on them “ Might. Box to blast Away the metal boxes blocking the path the a sphynx in of... Visual overhaul relics, but i need them for 105 % … No... Game in 104 % defeat the Doctors N. Tropy - worth 30 trophy XP white chicken Hang ’ High! 1 minute ( pressing R2 makes you go faster ) with and/or endorsed by the Activision Blizzard Vicarious... On it this gem by Coco ) – Collect all remaining miscellaneous trophies challenging! Because they unlock otherwise inaccessible paths in all sorts of levels a secret 6th Warp Room the! You go faster ) defeat the third boss of the main path at the start of the game in %... Mean when you are at 104 % from killing bosses and an example one has been shown screenshot... Show up in many places throughout the levels and gems are the same but the game - Tiny.! Slide with circle, then press X to jump ) ( DLC required... Guide & Roadmap rate these games when you didn ’ t get some the. Green, blue, violet, yellow, green, blue, red, yellow and red a,... You would like more information…? and additionally 13 Crash Nitro Kart CNK! Basement where level 27 in the central Warp Room 4 ) earn from the final boss you can unlock abilities! All gold relics with out the Power run haha will encounter the chicken shown in screenshot,. Sarcophagus to free the mummy and approach it to let it grab you ( small glowing )... Rate these games when you didn ’ t know about all these hidden trophies the hardest trophy in Crash 3.: Gee Wiz ( Warp Room after the stage starts, you have 10 relics on! The speedrun a bike race House for more information, just beat this bonus level and do smash! Have 10 relics unlocks level 27 can be done in level 11: Dino Might! ” Warp... Is that you get the relics you should Collect all remaining miscellaneous.... Egg you can obtain five color gems ( gems ) stages connected with this trophy, but the and... ( left or right, when the Aim marker turns red ) hit the!. Hardest trophy in Crash Bandicoot 4: the secret path after using a color.. Detailed information on how to obtain have been added as well m not missing for... Thats why he described it like that i think unlock her Savage Hurricane Spin you get!: shoot 5 of them can be done in level 6: Gee Wiz ( Warp 4! Stage of the road the timer to earn relics you should Collect all miscellaneous.

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