FROGO is a gamified mobile application suitable fro online dating and hookup.


FROGO is owned by Strategy UP, the consulting brand under which its parent company Telcovision Group LTD is operating. We are based in Halifax (Nova Scotia) in Canada

We believe in a dating world which is fun, safe and easy to use.  FROGO is based on these 3 principles and is striving to provide to its users a new world for dating and for finding their perfect match.

Marc Zirka
Founder & CEO

Marc has more than 18 years of experience under his belt in building commercial strategies and assist companies in growing their revenues.

He comes from an operational and consulting background where he assumed different leadership roles with France Telecom (Orange), KPMG, Digicel, Bakcell and Cable & Wireless.

Marc is an entrepreneur and a business professional.

Anastasiya Pochinova
Business Consultant

Anastasiya is an experienced Commercial Manager and Entrepreneur in the Food and Beverage industry.​  She has project managed and launched several food related franchises in international markets.

From casual diners to sweet shops, she was able to gain her experience by focusing on the operations, processes and the marketing aspects.

Anastasiya brings more than 8 years of experience in project management within food and beverage.